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September 10, 2009 by MartinB. | 2:04 pm

These days it is modern to make unboxing videos. I am not a huge fan of these videos, but if you get a G7 Plaza, you can “jump over your shadow”. So here’s the unboxing video I´ve said:
In cause of all people are hot on pictures, which I can understand very well, here comes the G7 Plaza in different views and in detail:

Full View:


The only sticker:
Up to now I haven´t found the right spot for more stickers, but I think the time will tell me the right spots. Nobody likes a park which is fully overloaded with stickers! Here we go:

The BikeRackRail
not only makes a good figure at this point
but it is already traveled through half the park. Overall, the park is really good & huge and I discover every time new spots I want to make tricks on. To realize the full potential, I think I need some more time, there are too many possibilities. You have to look at each corner and check it out to get all Never Been Dones been done. Fun fun fun!

Big THANK YOU to Earnie and the whole Blackriver team, not only for the park, but for everything else ;-)
Now I´ll take a cruise!

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