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September 15, 2009 by MartinB. | 5:25 pm

“Post your collection” is a popular topic. Overview of my collection:
And what´s everything in it? Let’s start:
1. M. Junker Pornstorm Deck by Berlinwood (really old) – 2. First promodel on Shortwood (first ever!) – 3./4./5. My C24 promodels – 6. C24 YT Board – 7. Some bottle of “spritt” I got from Tim aka THE CHEF Pütz – 8. Lowpro FingerboardLOVE Deck (3rd place Hit The Line) – 9. Tech Deck Oldschool – 10. The coolest Tech Deck ever – 11. Berlinwood NWDC Deck (Birthday gift from Flaki) – 12. Berlinwood NWDC engraved (Birthday gift from Flaki) – 13./14./15./16./17. Flaked Fingerboards (HOT!)- 18. Lowpro Deck with NWDC wheels (Fast Fingers 12) – 19. Lowpro Family Deck MB engraved – 20. NWDC Flaked – 21. Berlinwood – 22. Z-Shred extreme warped.
A couple of other decks and a lot of other stuff still flying around all over my apartment, possibly soon a bigger showcase? Here are a few more pictures:

I hope you´ve enjoyed this little look at my collection, only special boards will get in there.

Today I was @ Toys´R´Us and they have the TechDeck “Del Mar Pool” for 39,95€.
Harriers are in stock @ FBS as well and I think I need the small ong one and this wallie version.

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