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January 10, 2010 by Stegen | 8:03 pm

The new Flaked Design. So hot right now.



January 8, 2010 by MartinB. | 4:46 pm

The Mike Schneider ramp!



January 8, 2010 by MartinB. | 10:39 am

You want to buy some stuff? Well, there will be some stuff on eBay. It´s Phili´s account and Martin Winklers (!!!) Stuff. Go and buy!

Btw. Stegen created a fingerboardTV Twitter account. Go and follow!



January 7, 2010 by MartinB. | 9:30 am


Some Random News1

January 6, 2010 by MartinB. | 10:13 am

Yeah. Do you remember that old video of the fingerboarding Lovepark – video & info. Amazing! I do not wanna know how hyped that thing would be nowadays ;-)
As we all know “Chatroulette” is the shit and you can meet many fingerboarders like Stegen, KevinB., Nico Frank, Manu, Lukas junk, Me and sure some more. So go on the roulette!
Nina Pischke aka “our girl in the us” aka “the best female fingerboarding creature on earth” made a little Flaked Ad:

Yeah damn, get Flaked everybody!
Flatface got a giant restock including the John Cowart Promodel: Click!
CloseUp got a new co-branding with 5Boro and Manuel from Solingen finally got a branded Mike Schneider ramp:

Nice. Rumors said the Blackriver webshop holidays will end today, maybe this ramps is comin´this week!?
Btw. I would really appreciate when my Harrier would come this week, waiting since before christmas.
Tech Deck got their first online contest in 2010: Click!
This weekend will be the Lisboa meeting, it´s really sad I couldn´t go to my man André, but we will see what summer will bring ;-).
And finally check out the Silver site.


Wupper Workshop "Double-Line" Contest0

January 5, 2010 by MartinB. | 12:37 pm

The competition ends on the 31.01.2010. More info right here. To everybody who wants to compeed, I think we allready got 2 winners:

Win! We will se if there will be some more good entries.



January 4, 2010 by MartinB. | 11:05 pm

team @ Fast Fingers 12:

we had a lot of fun!



January 4, 2010 by MartinB. | 9:04 am

starts with some amazing things. The first one I wanna show you was posted by Manu on the Gripskin site and second one is the new Yellowood dark plaza shown on FFI etc.. It was made by Phillipe & Ricardo for a fingerboard event during a surfcamp called “Fingaspot”. I think this park reminds me (the long rail) a little bit on Deetalegs park.

And another big thing will hit the fingerboard scene 2010, be prepared!



January 2, 2010 by MartinB. | 10:47 am

Yeah! Happy new year! I hope you had a good time celebrating the change.

Just to say “Happy New Year!” Taylor droped his clip:

And there are a few more 2010 videos on youtube, with Mike Schneider ++++


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