Monkey Business Stop in Hannover1

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Lowpro´s DO IT!1

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All information right here: Click!



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and his Rooftop:

with our autographs on it, yeeeha!



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Happy Birthday!0

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Aleksander Lüloff, Charlie Kullberg & Luca Ponzi!


Tim Pütz Interview0

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over at Click!

And for those of you who don´t speak spanish, check the interview right here in english:

1.Please, introduce yourself to us.
Hi, my name is Tim Pütz. I’m 23 years old and from Germany. I’ve been fingerboarding for almost 12 years now, I started in 1999. Damn, time flies!

2.How did you start fingerboarding?
I’ve always been attracted to skateboarding. When me and my friend saw these miniature skateboards in a shop window I was blown away. I love skateboarding and I’m totally into freaky toys. The combination of both was a must have for me. And when my friend told me that you even can do tricks with it, it escalated to a must must have! Haha.

3.How long have you been in Flaked?
It’s been ever since my homie Flaki started the company. As you probably know, back then Flaki was the owner of Shortwood which used to make the best fingerboard decks next to Berlin Wood. But when Shortwood and Berlin Wood merged into one company Shortwood disappeared. After some time Flaki decided to start a new deck company and he wanted me to be the first teamrider. I tripped. Because it was like a dream come true to be sponsored by my favorite deck maker.

4.Tell us, how did you feel being in the Battle at the Harrics?
When I heard that there will be a big competition with invited riders I was psyched because I was mentioned, too. I was very happy to see my friends from Portugal and from the States there. It was also the first time I met Vittorio from Spain. Of course I was very nervous in the battles, but that’s just because I’m always nervous on competitions. I don’t know why, though. I have to say that I’m very happy that I was at the Battle at the Harrics because living under one roof with the NWDC and the LowPro family was one of the best experiences in my life so far. I’m glad Timo Kranz managed us freaks. Haha. From the beginning I knew I had no chance to win against Dimitri aka D-Dog. He simply is a machine!

5.You have met some spanish fingerboarders. What is/are the main difference/s with the german fingerboarders?
I would not extend fingerboarding to cultural or ethical backgrounds. To me there is no difference at all. Fingerboarders are fingerboarders and I like these type of people. Of course there is always someone you dislike and vice versa. Last week I had an interesting conversation with my friend Danjo and I told him that I see it like this: I don’t care if someone is a heavy-metal freak or a gangster, as long as they are skateboarders (or fingerboarders) I feel congenial with them.
Last summer, when I was in Barcelona with my girlfriend Kiri, we met a spanish located fingerboard crew. We had a great session. By the way, greets to Berta and the boys!

6.Tell 2 essential factors that made you the fingerboarder you are now.
First of all my crew! Without them I would’ve never had so much fun fingerboarding. We support each other not only as fingerboarders but also on a personal level, which makes us very good friends.
The reason why I’m doing an interview with a spanish fingerboard website (That’s so sick! Haha.) are two close friends who always supported me to establish in the fingerboard scene. Big thanks to Bastian Stegen and Martin Beckmann from FingerboardTV! Can’t wait to go on our tour next friday!

7.If you could make something of fingerboard better. What would it be?
If it were possible for me I would turn the Chinese wall into a superlong fingerboard park to do simple tricks in a veeery long line! Haha. But, lucky as I am, I guess I would immediately lose my deck to gravity..




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More: Click!



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It´s restock time: Click!


Happy Birthday!0

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Julian Andrade!


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