The Monkey Business Tour Picture Blog2

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 3:41 pm

These are just some of my snapshots of our tour. I think Stegen took a lot more photos than me ;-)
Going to Bünde:

SHQ Open:

Myself at the SHQ Open:

Berlin in the morning:

The sightseeing gang

Myself at the Brr store:

Going to Hannover with some of them good Pulmoll´s:

The last photo before we were checked up by cops:

Hannover High Five skatehsop meetup:

and finally some flicks Sheryl Ann shot with my EOS at Danjo´s house:


and Stöpsel
The gang chillin at Danjo´s:

such an awesome after tour session. Really cant believe it.

Overall we had such a load of fun you won´t believe.
We wanted to say THANK YOU to Axel & SHQ for the contest and everything, Timo Kranz just for every every every everything —> your awesome bro, Dennis Laaß & the High Five skateshop, Danjo & Marin for givin us a bed in Hannover and a SPECIAL THX goes to everybody who joined our tour.
This is what fingerboarding is about, what a mo´fo BLAST! THX!

I´m sight, the Monkey Business tour was a 100% success.


DaveBaudach at the Brr-Shop0

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 3:23 pm

They finished filming for this part on sunday when we arrived at the Brr store. So we´ve seen some of these bangers ;-)



January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 10:02 am


Coral interview0

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 8:22 am

over at Gripskin: Click!


Wassenberg Opening0

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 8:21 am

12.02.2010 – I´ll be there.

More information right here: Click!


SHQ Open – Kick Off Video, Results & Article1

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 8:13 am

Read it: Click!

1. Petr Ptacek
2. Diego Strotzyk
3. Jeldo Ulpts
4. Dimitri Schlotthauer
5. Adrian Witzel
6. Cedric Passon
7. Roul Jörgensen
8. Jens Bogena
9. Dario Esser
10. Micha Weiskopf
11. Miroslav Jrejci
12. Moritz Klaasen
13. Philipp Müller
14. Justin Rogge
15. Julius Scherzen
16. Marius Wollhorst
17. Oskar Roth
18. Konstantin Schulze
19. David Wagner (Mr. Penthouse Energy)
20. Phillip Spitz
21. Alex Christ
22. Danjo
23. Steffen Brosert
24. Lasse (The Lasso) Schmidt
25. Louis Wolnijak


The Brr Bootcamp :-D0

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 7:48 am

And there are a lot more good young guns in Berlin!


Falko Funk-Back at the Harric’s0

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 7:46 am

I´ve seen the Harrics on monday and I can tell you it´s really smaller than you think!


SLOWMO Seven Tricks Monday – Episode 30

January 20, 2011 by MartinB. | 7:45 am


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