Life Decks @ Flatface0

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Single baseplates:

Click! & all colors of trucks are in stock! Go and buy!


PS Plaza VS Rennett0

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FFI – Co-Op Comp0

December 1, 2011 by MartinB. | 4:14 pm


*Begins Dec 1st, Ends Jan 1st

*This competition is open to anyone. Not just FFI members.
*This is a TEAM competition. Teams consist of 2 people.
(A 3rd person is allowed to film, but may not do tricks in the video.)
*Each shot in the video must include at least one trick from BOTH team members, with NO CUT between.
(So each shot should be continuous and involve at least one trick from each person.)
*All obstacles, spots, tricks, and styles are allowed.
*Each video must have AT LEAST 2 tag-team tricks. Feel free to do more. (See Acceptable Shots below for details)
*Music is NOT allowed.
*Slow mo is LIMITED to 3 tricks. You can speed up whatever want.
*Entries must be under 1:30
*To enter, label your video “FFI Co-Op Comp 2011” and submit it as a VIDEO REPLY to this announcement video.
*Then send $1 through paypal to and your video reply will be accepted once the payment has been received. (This helps cover shipping for all those big heavy prizes).
*Videos will be judged on the level of cooperation, creativity, variety, trick smoothness, and difficulty.


SIMULTANEOUS (2 boards): Members each do a trick at the same time. For example, both members kickflip a gap together in the same shot.

ONE AFTER THE OTHER (1 or 2 boards): Lines where members do tricks one after the other.
For example, the first person kickflips a gap, and in the same shot the next person tailslides a ledge.
(For extra creativity and bonus points, use 1 deck for both people and find unique ways to hand the board off to each other. Roll it down a ramp, bounce it off a wall, anything you can think of to transfer it to the next person!))

TAG TEAM (1 board): Both members play a part in completing a single trick. For example, person 1 pops a kickflip down stairs and person 2 lands it. Or person 1 rides up a vert, stalls, and person 2 takes over mid-stall and comes out of it.


1st Place Partner 1:
-Blackriver-ramps Jay Ramp
-Blackriver deck
-Flatface G7.1 bearing wheels

1st Place Partner 2:
-Blackriver-ramps Box 5
-Blackriver deck
-Flatface G7.1 bearing wheels

2nd Place Partner 1:
-Aphlikshun Splitter Box
-Flatface G12 deck
-Flatface G7.1 bearing wheels

2nd Place Partner 2:
-Closeup Marble Bench
-Closeup Complete -Close Up Deck -Grip & Foam -Trucks -Urethane Wheels -Tool
-Riptape Tuning Kit (uncut)
-Flatface G12 deck
-Flatface G7.1 bearing wheels

3rd Place Partner 1:
-Closeup Complete -Close Up Deck -Grip & Foam -Trucks -Urethane Wheels -Tool
-Bollie deck
-Riptape Tuning Kit (uncut)
-Flatface G7 bearing wheels

3rd Place Partner 2:
-Aphlikshun Box #5
-Aphlikshun deck
-Flatface G7 wheels


I Want To0

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INEXP – New Shape0

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Flaked – Shirt Attack0

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In stock tonight!


Product Blog: Substance – Classics Reloaded0

December 1, 2011 by MartinB. | 6:13 am

Yeeeha! Got these wheels a few weeks ago in the mail. Maybe some of you allready got´em too or know them straight out the internet. Lets start with some pictures:

These Substance wheels are “Centralized Twin Bearing Wheels” and they are perfect for Y-Trucks. Solid run and great performance + transparant design = all I need! As some of you might know, I got some single bearing clear´s on my Brr trucks before and the material performs awesome. Overall great wheels especially for Y´s! Cant wait whats 2012 is coming!!! You can buy them (if in stock) at all the well known fingerboard shops and you should check out the Substance website: Click!



Mike´s Cellar Concrete0

December 1, 2011 by MartinB. | 5:35 am


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