FBTV Interview – Dimitar Mitko Kanev0

February 28, 2011 by MartinB. | 2:59 pm

Hello Dimitar! Tell us about who you are, where you from and whats your daily business.

Hi , my name is Dimitar Kanev , I am 24 years old from Bourgas , Bulgaria. I do all I want all day long… my job is like that so I am not busy from 8-5…sooo going out with friends or fingerboarding is the most common thing you will find me doing :-)

How do you get in touch with fingerboarding?

10 years ago on EuroSport WATTS I saw one dude doing all kind of crazy skateboard tricks with miniature skateboard at his sink and I was truly amazed by the tricks and the ease the guy had doing them. The show ended but the memory remained and one lucky day I was about to meet some old folks in local cafeteria when I saw this guy having a TD and I immediately had to ask him what is that and where I can get one ?!? He told me he stolen his from the local skateshop hah. Next day I brough one and ever since then I am fingerboarding :) That’s like since the summer of 2006-2007

Whats your current setup?

Right now I have BerlinWood FlatShape 31mm with +Blackriver+ Trucks v2 red and FlatFace +BRR+ edition wheels and RIP Tape on top.

What is your favorite trick?

I have no favorite trick but I definitely suck at ollies and definitely don’t like to do no complys.

Do you have any favorite rider or a video that influenced you?

Nic Herzog is my all time favorite rider for sure but I totally don’t have any special videos that influence me any more simply because now a days waaaaaay too many riders are doing so many crazy videos its unbelievable :-) However I can remember the days when I was really influenced by Fingers of Furry DVD and Crime of Choir video by Eric Smith. These two totally inspired me to see and try to , if I can, do those crazy tricks.

Which fingerboard experience you liked the most (contest/jam/session)?

Spektakel#3 FOR SURE !!! Aftersessuin at Emil was mega chill and he Is so baller :-)

And finally do you want to thank someone?

I’d like to thank Peter Ringel because he is most responsible for me being the rider that I am.Mike Schneider for being there for me and supporting me with the best fingerboard equipment from www.flatfacefingerboards.com , and last ,but not least Nic Herzog and Paolo Melillo for being awesome :-)
Thank you too Martin !

THX Mitko!

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