March 31, 2011 by MartinB. | 6:12 am

To all you guys who are unsubscribing while uploading the Battle At The Harrics videos! This is what I´m working for.

Some more battles:

Michael Weiskopf vs. Fabian Schreiter: Click!
Raul Jörgensen vs. Johannes Kohl: Click!
Göran Wisniewski vs. Diego Strozyk: Click!
Max von Nolting vs. Tomáš Nossek: Click!
Manuel Luengo Monge vs. Ivan Parra Trigueros: Click!
Adrian Witzel vs. Tim Pütz: Click!
Ramon Angelow vs. Oskar Schön: Click!

There will be 20+ clips more, hopefully I´ll get everything done this week.

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