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This sunday . . . .0

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Fast Fingers 15 – All Results0

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Over at the Fast Fingers Website: Click!



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Something Special7

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Berlwinwood - Fast Fingers 15 Special Edition

THX again Timo! This is a new part of my collection! Cant wait for more stuff like this.

For all of you who wasn´t at Fast Fingers, this is a special Berlinwood for FF15 – laser!!!!


My Fast Fingers – Part 21

May 30, 2012 by MartinB. | 10:30 am

Wake up in the morning feeling like PDiddy . . .

Wake up in the morning feeling like PDiddy

Thats what I “felt” at our pimp house :-D
Lets start with Day 2 of my trip. I was getting up at 7 taking a shower and watching the sunrise + beautiful nature. After making “accidently” loud noises all the other guys:

Renzler Alex Christ Stegen Flaki

woke up and started getting ready for the day. At something around ten we went to the supermarket to grab some food and drinks. After breakfast the main location wasnt open so I decided to check out the outdoor spot to capture some shots with the people around:

Alex Christ - Shreddin Outdoors

At something between 11/12 I decided to leave the damn hot sun to go uphill to the main location. Its wasnt open yet but a lot of people around:

AND THEN, finally the location opened and all the poeple went crazy in there:

Later on the contest starts and I’ve started running around, indoor to outdoor, outdoor to indoor, having nice talks, getting some footage, drinking some water, making a photo, again talking to people, fingerboard, playing skate, watching others ride . . you know this, all the stuff you do at a contest. And in the contest “breaks” there was the livestream work I´ve allready mentioned over here: Click!

Check out these random chosen fingerboard/crowd/chillout/having fun pictures of the day:


Don´t be mad if you´re not on a picture or I didn´t upload yours. I took way tooooo much pictures and I´m not motivated to upload them all :-)

Later that day after all the runs and a lot of bangers the contest final starts. I´ve decided to film this hard battle between Valentin Leiber, Petr Ptáček, Elias Assmuth, Alex Christ, Tim Pütz & Schmidi with fisheye. BUT there was no space left for me so I needed to change my lens at the car and because of this I´ve missed the first part of the finals.
But don´t worry, you can watch a final park overview + the final GOS + a short Valentin interview right here:

I think ya all know it allready, Valentin won Fast Fingers 15 and the crowd celebrated the new world champion:

Valentin Wins Fast Fingers 15

Congratz again Valentin! Well done!

1. Valentin Leiber
2. Petr Ptáček
3. Elias Assmuth
4. Alex Christ
5. Tim Pütz
6. Schmidi

After the award ceremony the official Fast Fingers 15 was over. Many people left, some just to grab some food or change clothing to meet again later on at the after party. I’ve decided to grab some food with the czech guys & a lot more first to be later at the party.

After the show it’s the afterparty, then
After the party it’s the hotel lobby, then . . .

At the after party there was some good mood and relaxed “having a talk” vibe. Check:

I´ve decided to leave the party around 1/2 to grab the rental car and get me and the other guys back to our place to stay. Coming uphill a car was parked in front of the location one open door and lights on and some other cars were waiting. Something like one hour later it was possible to get the driver. It was a 200% drunk person who parked his car like this and nobody could leave the location by car. Tought this is a really bad joke, just careless.

Went asleep and I was finally back home on sunday at 17. Had a chilled ride back home, no traffic jam or something!

THX again to all the people who make this event possible! THX to Blackriver for the chance to use the livestream & Fast Fingers itself! THX to all the guys & girls from all the companies for giving me stuff for upcoming product blogs! BIG THX to Timo Lieben :-)
Don´t wanna start to mention all the persons in case of being afraid missing one ;-)

THX THX THX for all the jokes and goodtimes!!!! :-*

Note 1: I know some of you are interested in the parks and new stuff Blackriver showed up with at Fast Fingers. I will put up a special Fast Fingers ramps & park post tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Note 2: In case of using some of these images please ask if it´s “OK” and don´t forget giving credits back. More additional pictures over at Flickr: Click!


Taylor R @ Fingerboarding Study Break – Disney Exclusive0

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Juro Danko0

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Ampersands – Hats0

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