My Fast Fingers – Part 11

May 29, 2012 by MartinB. | 10:49 am

This is my Fast Fingers trip in some words and pictures.

Well on friday I´ve decided to go to Stegens house a bit earlier to have a nice & chilled before getting our rentel car. Soooo I went to my local trainstation and got into train. Everything was normal. Switched the train in Düsseldorf to the final train, no delay or anything else. 30 minutes later the train stoped in the middle of nowhere. The chief guard told us there is a suicide attempter somewhere on our route and the train has to stop until next informations.
Long story short, the train went back to some smaller trainstations I´ve switched the train several times and I’ve arrived after 3 hours overall the trainstation in Düsseldorf again where I could switch to another new train. FINALLY it took me 5-6 hours for something like 90km. A really bad joke.

Arriving @ Stegens was chilled. All the guys (Alex, Renzler, Flaki & Stegen) waited for me and our trip by car starts:

Because of the german holidays there was a lot of traffic on the streets but were not caught up in a traffic jam. But this changed at 40km before our goal:

The Autobahn was closed for something like an hour because of a bigger car accident. Waiting waiting waiting.
Our normal plan to get early to Schwarzenbach to buy some food & drinks in the supermarket wasn´t possible anymore so we went to our place for the night at first. Just dispeled the car and went down to the Blackriver area.
The party was allready “ending” and I came in the location at the end of the rap act by Lieben, Blankenburg & Ringel:

Tooooooo bad I´ve missed this. All the people were talking about it. Hopefully this will be in one of the Fast Fingers videos!

So my day ends with chilling at the location, meeting up with people, riding my fingerboard a bit:

waiting till the party ends:

and finally picking them guys up with the car to get us back to our hotel.
I finally went asleep. I was quiet tired & hungry after my 12 hours trip and I was even dying for the next day.

During our drive we got a lot of shittalk, fun and more. Great times in the car and I laughed soooo hard! Thx again guys!

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