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PlanktOon – Gold w30

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As some of you might heard before this weekend and in Berlin this weekend, there are some changes at Blackriver-Ramps. The company diminishs the personnel.
And because of all the rumors, Thomas Hansen posted a statement about his future @ Blackriver on facebook:

In 2009 I was able to turn one of my all time favorite spare time activities into a real job, when Martin and Denise offered me a job at BRR! A dream come true! I will always be thankful for this opportunity!!!
Just like skateboarding fingerboarding goes in waves and and it is no surprise to anyone who has any business connections to hear skateboarding/fingerboarding is on a downswing.
Sweatshop products are flooting the market and the small and real skateshops die!
Like a selfprofilling prophecy my „intro“ text from issue 4 of Fingerboarder Magazine speaks for itself!
Wether we like it or not (and we don`t!!), the economic situation takes its toll and some jobs will have to be dropped.
Unfortunatelly one of the positions is mine so by the beginning of May I will have to find a new path jobwise!
I will always love fingerboarding, but I will not be able to always answer your questions regarding orders, events, and a lot more any longer – I will turn into a simple BRR teamrider and I no doubt will have to find a new approach towards fingerboarding.
I will stay in the area (BRR city) and the Steig will always stay the Steig!!
I would like to thank everyone I met during my job at BRR! You guys rock and most of my colleagues are also close friends and this will not change! :-)
I really hope the downswing will end soon opening new doors for all the countless ideas, events and other cultural projects that temporary have to end up in the BRR drawer!
See you soon!! :-)

„There were never any good old days, they are today – they are tomorrow!“

I dont know who else will leave Blackriver and in my opinion this situation makes me really sad. Fingerboarding is getting smaller and sometimes companies need an economic adjustment.

I think this is another proof for my last “the hype is over” post. And as I said, support your supporter, buy stuff and be active in the scene!


Mordin´s BATH#40

March 25, 2013 by MartinB. | 2:29 pm

My Battle At the Harrics #4 in some words & some more pictures.
The Battle At The Harrics #4

On friday I went late to Flaki´s. Chilled a bit and late in bed. 100km done!

Our day started early. Getting up at 3 sucks. Started at 4 in Hattingen and I was the driver. 550km to go and FIRE! I´ve done it from night to day with only one stop and we arrived at 9 in Berlin. Checked in at our hostel and ouuuut on the streets of Berlin. Getting some breakfast and some walking threw Berlin. It was soooo damn cold so we decided to chill at a cafe near the contest location.
Berlin Tee
Got myself some warm tea. We´ve chilled together with the indonesien guys, Nina, Sheryl, Alex Christ (+2 girls) & Renz at the cafe.
At 13 we went back to the location and the event starts:
Crowd - Battle At The Harrics #4
Crowded, huh!?

At the location – stuff to buy:
Lowpro X BATH#4
Stuff - Battle At The Harrics #4 Stuff - Battle At The Harrics #4 PoP - Battle At The Harrics #4

some nice people to meet:
UK Represent - Battle At The Harrics #4
Jaydeeeee X Stoned - Battle At The Harrics #4 KingSize Crew - Battle At The Harrics #4 TKY
Burgo Lydia & Klauser - Battle At The Harrics #4

some fingerboard action:
Adrian Witzel - Bluntslide - Battle At The Harrics #4
Alex Chirst - Fakie Tre SW Bluntslide - Battle At The Harrics #4 Tim Pütz - SW BS Tailslide - Battle At The Harrics #4 Alex Chirst - Pupecki - Battle At The Harrics #4
Petr - BS Smith - Battle At The Harrics #4Alex Chirst - FS Flip SW 5-O - Battle At The Harrics #4 Jeldo Ulpts - Flip Overcrook - Battle At The Harrics #4
Alex Chirst - Feeble - Battle At The Harrics #4 Alex Chirst - SW Flip BS Noseblunt - Battle At The Harrics #4

and some contest battle madness to watch:
Stage - Battle At The Harrics #4
Stage - Battle At The Harrics #4 Stage - Battle At The Harrics #4

The event was held at Cassiopeia:
and the whole contest reminds me more of a disco:
than a typical contest.
We had a lot of fun threw the whole day, like always in Berlin!

After all, Petr made it! Congratz dude! Watch the final over here: Click!

Say bye to TKY:
Bye Bye TKY - Battle At The Harrics #4
2013 Battle At The Harrics —> done.

Later on I went to the after party at Cafe Küste:
and thats fucking it.

Getting up at 7, shower, clothes on, walking threw cold Berlin:
Snow in Berlin
and buying some breakfast for my crew. Waking up the others at 8 and back in the car at 9. Overall more than 600km to go, music on – Top500 NDR – and back home at 15 – shower again, sleeping early. Cant remember I got such a funny drive home ever!

THX to everyone for BATH #4. Some great time in Berlin again!
THX for all your gifts ;-) —> product blogs up soon!

BATH#5 2014? I´ll be there!

Btw, all pictures (and some more) are hosted on my flickr: Click!


Battle At The Harrics #4 – THE FINAL0

March 25, 2013 by MartinB. | 9:40 am

Battle At The Harrics #4 – THE FINAL – Petr Ptáček VS Valentin Leiber

Btw., some really good news! Harry filmed all battles and he will upload them some time soon on his channel! Great work Harry, I know how much work this is!
A short Petr interview & “some” pictures will be up soon!
THX for watching!
Congratz to Petr!


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