Let´s Call It A Day0

May 24, 2013 by MartinB. | 6:41 pm

Lets call it a day. Everything is in the bag…
This night I will leave for:

Same proceder as BATH, a drive threw the night. Hopefully we will be in Schwarzenbach early tomorrow!

The Fast Fingers Livestream: You will find the link for the livestream @ www.fast-fingers.com . Up to now I dont know in which categorie the link will be posted, so search for it at the Fast Fingers website! The livestream will start at 11!

Hopefully no more mails about the livestream for me :-)

If you want to join our trip, follow us on instagram!
Stegen: dailydrop
Flaki: efelah
Mordin: dermordin

Some of the pictures will be hosted on our facebook page too: Click!

fingerboardTV will be hopefully back on sunday! I would really appreciate NO mails threw this weekend!

So up up up for some goodtimes!? Yes, Sir, cant wait!
See you there!


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