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May 24, 2013 by MartinB. | 2:46 pm

Snapbacks Back Snapbacks Back Snapbacks Back Snapbacks Back…..
Yes, sir, thats true! Yellowood Snapbacks are in the house tonight:
Yellowood - Y-Snapback
Like whuuuuuuat???

Yellowood - Y-Snapback Yellowood - Y-Snapback Yellowood - Y-Snapback
Yellowood - Y-Snapback

And another one:
Yellowood - Y-Snapback

Yellowood Snapback hat:
– Limited to 50 pieces
– Custom made Hat
– Embroidered Yellowood front
– Yellowood tags on the right side and back
– Made in Portugal

I like hats so I like snapbacks foooo sheeeezy. Yellowood hooked me up with this one like a somebody´s hookin up a crack loaded whore on the streets right now – thats the real deal!
Whaaaaaat strong language???? What the f*ck!?!?! **###*#*’*’*###*#*# Fo real! :-D

OK, back to topic. Its a really nice hat from Yellowood with a really nice cut. Some other snapbacks out there are cutted way to big and made out of a really uncomfy material, but not at Yellowood! if you like tight & soft hats go and purchase one at the Yellowood webshop: Click!

THX again Philippe!!!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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