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July 24, 2014 by MartinB. | 7:07 pm

A funny fact: this year I started a lot of product blogs like: “another thing I got since Berlin”. And again I have to tell you: I was in Berlin last weekend and visited the Blackrier-Store Berlin. TKY – a sexy mofo – was as gentle as a dove and gave me a set of these wheels, check them out:



And another one:

The first professiona fingerboard wheels were made by Martin Winkler himself. The inventiveness and the joy for crafting run in the family and it does not surprise anyone Winkler never lost his tuning-passion even after all these years. Winkler Wheels were the first tuned wheels, the first wheels with a metal core for a smoother ride and they were the first fingerboard wheels with integrated bearing system. Martin Winkler breathes fingerboarding!

Winkler Wheels – the south sea pearls of fingerboarding wheels? Well, there are a lot good wheels on the market and Winkler Wheels is one of the top brands. I think nearly every fingerboarder knows about the great perfomance of Winkler Wheels.

These will are available for several months now. I really don´t know how long!? SI think many of you allready know the wheelcut and many of you ride them??? Overall good choice guys!

Out now! The brand new WINKLER WHEELS signature edition is available online from now. Apart from different colors and an individual high-quality print those wheels have an improved shape and high-end precision bearings. The new Winkler Wheels series will pimp your fingerboard setup to the max. No matter whether you ride them on concrete, wood, transition or street – an excellent riding experience is guaranteed.

Please note: We recommend to use Winkler Wheels in combination with Blackriver Trucks since these two products were made to fit each other perfectly!

The Signatures Edition incl. the following Wheels:

Junks (Matthias Junker Memorial-Wheels) white

You would like to buy a set? DIRECTLY over here: Click!
You would like to buy a other color of Winkler Wheels? CHECK this out: Click!
You would like to be entertained on your favorite social media plattform? Show some love: WINKLER WHEELS & BLACKRIVER-RAMPS & BLACKRIVER-STORE & ASI BERLIN !

Big THX to TIMo and Blackriver-Ramps for all the support over all these years :-)

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!



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