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Sorry for Fingerboarding 20

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Product Blog: ASI Berlin – BRIXXX0

August 20, 2014 by MartinB. | 4:29 pm

TKY came up with some ASI Berlin Brixx lately. True streets of Berlin concrete for your home. Check this out:



Aaaand another one:

The story behind the ASI Berlin Brixx:

ASI-BRIXX”? It´s a ramp project with massive and heavy products, fingerboard obstacles like that not exist yet and kids always ask about new or concrete or marble stuff etc. I was already asking around and getting on peoples nerves I think, cause I wanna offer more stuff like that at the Store… So I was like, if no one gonna do it, I gonna do it…

The motto is “ROUGH, UNIQUE, HEAVY” and “100% FingerSk8boading”, “Fingerboard Ramps Inspired by the Streets of Berlin” which is totally right, cause this is where I go spot hunting every day!

The first series called “Galaxy Rocks” is ready to hit the customer through the BR Store, limited to 26 pieces and prices in the range from 7,50 to 15 €. (it´s a very heavy and rough brick (I “borrowed” from some roadworks even got hit by the cops ), most of em were cut like triangles, I grind them by hand to become rounder edges and spray-paint them really thick and draw the ASI logo on each).

As you should allready know, Timo is 100% dedicated to fingerboarding. I think ths little story about the Brixx is another good proof for this. You might think “this just a piece of concrete”, and well, some kind of “yes”. But it´s heavy weight and a lot of fun to session it. Every Brixx is a one of a kind ramp.

Where to buy? Get yourself some true Berlin souvenir directly at the Blackriver-Store Berlin! Perfect occasion? The next ASI Berlin contes @ 06.10.2014!

Go and check out ASI Berlin and the Blackriver-Store Berlin on facebook: Click & Click!

THX TIMO! See you @ ASI!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


TNP – Summer Sale0

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New Wave Carstop Promo0

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BIg Beudl – He did it again!0

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Frank Frednesday0

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Watch Nico´s latest footage over here: Click!


Limoeiro do Deserto Fértil0

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