Concrete Alert @ TNP0

August 23, 2014 by MartinB. | 5:35 am


I’m very happy to introduce the new TNP-Crete Manny Pads.

Hand crafted from start to finish, no machines are used during the production at any time.

Made from a long lasting, high density concrete.

Top surface that has been engraved by hand to resemble the streets and pavements you ride along every day!

The blocks need a little wax on the edges and the feel will change over the first couple of sessions from a slightly grittier grinding sensation to something more like marble or polished granite.

Each one has slightly different engraving just to make them a little more special and unique.

A lot of hard work and love has gone into these manny pads, they’re not meant to be perfectly rectangular copy’s of each other that look like that have come off of a factory line.

Each and every one is a little piece of artwork depicting a greatly overlooked but very important part of skateboarding, the ground you ride on

There is so much more in the works for TNP-Crete but until things are up to the prototype phase I’m keeping it all under my 5-Pannel

Keep up to date with all the going’s on via our Instgram and Facebook pages.

Peace and keep 2 wheels up!

– Pete

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