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April 17, 2014 by MartinB. | 8:22 am

Fingerboarding is awesome. Why? You get in touch with great people from all over the world. Another proof for this? Pete from The Norwood Project! Let´s call Pete´s latest package “Pete´s late christmas package”, because the first one got lost :-(

The first thing straight out the box: The Big Construction x The Norwood Project Big Kicker:



And another one:

Big Construction x The Norwood Project Big Kicker.
A pocket sized kicker that can be taken anywhere!
Use it to get more height to flip onto that high ledge or clear a gap clean.
This super cheap kicker is a must have for any good collection!

Length – 10.5 cm
Width – 8 cm
Height – 3.5 cm

This “big” kicker is definitely a traveller sized obstacle. It fits perfect in your bag and is made in perfect relation to your fingerboard. Discover new street spots and make your tricks more realistic than ollie everything up. Take it with you and have fun. Mr. Beaver is really into that thing. He combined it with a garbage can and a europallet and switch heels over it all day long!

You can get this awesome kicker directly from TNP: Click!
Support Pete and get yourself something cool for your easter holidays. The kicker is available in a pretty cool street bundle too: Click!

You should follow the THP facebook page for all new stock and meetup informations: Click! This is not only interesting for the UK. Pete ships worldwide and got again and again cool SALE STUFF.

THX a lot Pete :-*

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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