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September 24, 2014 by MartinB. | 6:33 am

You´re thinking it´s Groundhog Day? Well no. But you´re right: another thing I got since my latest wonderful tim in Berlin.

The brand new Fonky Fingers let´s call it “Fancybar”. A modern street curb in perfect height + bank:



Aaaand one more:

This curb was made the same way like the last one (Candybar product blog). The base is made of wood and the top material is THE perfect plastic. You got an awesome grind feeling and enough grip to pop out all your tricks. Plastic is maybe the wrong word, it´s softer than the plastic you probably know. Overall a really good surface. Check out some tricks Alex Christ did on this thing last weekend at my house: Click! He liked the Fonky Fingers ramps a lot! There are way more versions available Click! & Click!.

Like I told you yesterday there are a lot things going on at Fonky Fingers! The new lineup of wood/concrete/plastic ramps is super sick and the new boards well done fingerboards. How to order? At the moment the only way to order is via message at facebook. Fonky Fingers is a fingerboarder owned company and the guys had a great commitment to the project. Good work, good quality + progress!

Go and check out Fonkyfingers on facebook: Click!

Big THX for the support guys! :-)

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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