Product Blog: Klotzblock Concrete by Elias Assmuth0

November 26, 2014 by MartinB. | 2:59 pm

And finally a product blog about the last part of my Blackriver-Ramps christmas package. KLOTZBLOCKs! Yes sir! You´ve seen these in a lot videos and now I have two of them at the fingerboardTV batcave. Check out some fine streetstyle concrete:



Aaaand another one:

Brand NEW available at +Blackriver+ the Klotzblock for the finest grinds and slides!

Attention: Fine hair cracks due to the slow drying process of concrete are normal and part of the realness-factor of the material! The curb can be used quite normal, it will not break.
Just like in Skateboarding use wax to keep the concrete surface smooth.

Klotzblock are original and realistic parking blocks made of concrete. Fun obstacles for flatground or use with other ramps. Make your park even more realistic and add some Klotzblock. I always wanted some of these because I´ve seen them in a lot of videos before. I think I wanted them since BATH#4!? It´s so much fun to ride them. Get into slappy grinds and pop over to another Klotzblock or just into a bank. Just step up into a new level while using them for lines and dork tricks.

Get you KLOTZBLOCK now over @ the Blackriver-Ramps webshop: Click!

Thx a lot to Blackriver for this big big christmas package. I really appreciate everything you do!

All pictures are hosted on my Flickr: Click!

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