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March 31, 2014 by MartinB. | 6:00 pm

Do you know any guy who is stupid enough to get a “Super Bock” tattoo on his leg in person? Even if you laugh, you´re right —> it´s Alex Christ! Thats a damn good reason to get a “Super Alex” promodel deck. Ahhh ok, another good reason is his level of fingerboarding. You don´t know Alex? Watch his latest video over here: Click! As high as you can get, check that beast out:



Aaaaand another one:

Got this baby since Berlin. It came straight outta Philippe´s suitcase out of a deep black BMW. Alex always keepin´it real, huh!?

Alex Christ pro Model – Deluxe Fingerboard wood deck – Medium Kicks / Mellow concave – 5 plies

– Handmade
– Exotic woods
– Original graphic
– Colored plies

Packaging contains:
– 1 Wood deck
– 1 slim tape
– 5 Yw Stickaz

This deck will last a long time with excellent performance and pop, Yellowood quality.

I really don´t know why I got this enormous POP. Maybe it´s the deck, maybe it´s my massive benchpress power??? You never know . . .
Big shoutout to the De Goyri´s for all the support over all these years. Awesome cat sounded time in Berlin :-)
Go and buy your Super Alex over here: Click!
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All pictures are hosted on my Flickr: Click!

And finally my actual setup:


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