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Fast Fingers 18 – Registration Open0

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Flatface – Dual Durometers – New Colors0

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Bawse Wheels – Out Now!0

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chapter two- USA /// DOCUMENTING FINGERBOARDING from Rens van Bree on Vimeo.


Rendezvous 20 by Dylan0

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Product Blog: Big Beudl – Quarter0

April 24, 2015 by MartinB. | 8:23 am

Another thing I got since Berlin. Yeah right! Big Beudl himself asked me to pick a Quarter from his booth at BATH#6. He had a lot of different quarters and I picked this one:



And one more:

This quarter is a bit wider than normal ones and the shape is some kind of steep compared to other quarters. I think this is the ideal size for something like the playground V1. There is not that much space left for something like quarters and here you got the perfect size to combine it with other obstacles to create the setup you need for your lines.

The back of the quarter got the typical Big Beudl look. Red bricks like the past few years. Gretel makes a lot of different ramps and also a lot of one of a kind ramps. You never know whats at his booth when you visit an event. He always shows up with some fresh and new ramps, new cuts and some unique ideas. BTW awesome craftmanship!

A really cool thing about Gretel and his company: he´s in the scene for many many years and he supports every contest. Another core brand which is dedicated to fingerboarding and our scene.

Go and show some love for Gretel and Big Beudl @ the facebook page: CLICK! And if you like to order something just contact Gretel on the facebook page!

THX a lot Gretel!

As usual: all images are hosted oin my flickr: Click!


Put your sunglasses on it´s friiiiiiiiday!0

April 24, 2015 by MartinB. | 6:03 am

Stephan Schöneborn @ Fast Fingers #17


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