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Quebec Contest0

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Max Zulauf & Dario Eßer!



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Product Blog: King Size – Just Beer * Marcus Weiß0

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Let´s get in the right mood for this:

Today we have something long awaited @ fingerboardTV: the King Size Fingerboards “Just Beer Frank The Tank” graphic deck. Oh wait, it´s the Marcus Weiß pro deck:



And one more:

A really cool extra? You get stickers, tape and some bushings to each deck:

Each deck is made of 4 plies maple wood with the Royal Shape. Made in germany, holes fit all professional trucks and all trucks available in store. The measures are 100mm x 30mm or 100mm x 32mm. Each deck is handmade with dyed plys, printed graphics and shiny lacquer. Low concave with medium/high kicks. Deck has no kingpin holes. Each deck comes with a free sheet of King Size Soft Tape and some stickers.

King Size just realeased the “Just beer” collection some days ago. The series consists of 3 decks:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-16 um 08.09.41

All the decks are promodel decks and each deck is available in 30 and 32mm. Just choose the rider or color you like! The guys dropped some good looking video for the release:

and there is some facebook raffle going on:


Just head forward to the King Size facebbok page and take your chance to win your one of a kind beer deck: Click! (Deadline 27.05.2015)

Grab you piece of Frank The Tank NOW: Click!
Or just watch the movie if you don´t know it yet. Trust me, it´s fun. And Marcus is 100% Frank The Tank, AWESOME! Just wait for Frank @ Fast Fingers ;-)

THX a lot for this deck, Christian!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


YStore – This Weekend0

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