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Controlled Chaos #360

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Chazan Ramps @ WoW Fingerboard Shop0

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Rendezvous 200

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Product Blog: Hexbug – Tony Hawk´s Circuit Boards0

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Today we got a premiere at fingerboardTV. No product like this ever before at our website. So lets start with Tony Hwak´s Circuit Boards made by Hexbug:



Annnnd another one:

These boards are something „new“. The normal/basic set is like a normal Tech Deck. You got a plastic fingerboard with solid graphic of all your favorite skateboard companies. The shape and size of the decks are way better than Tech Deck´s. The board got a good size and it´s more fun to ride than a TD. The griptape got btw ordentlich zunder! So thats a big plus for all the beginners out there.

Another feature: you got the option to put the „power axle“ on. You guess right! Your fingerboard is getting a rc fingerboard! You got a little remote for your deck and you could spin and turn it. It takes much speed and it´s fun to ride. While checking this product I´ve found some video on YouTube:

As you can see you could even use it on ramps and spin around like hell. Another small video on our instagram @fingerboardTV

These new decks are now distributed by Blackriver. You want one? Get yours over here: Click! If you´re a beginner the basic set could be your choice. If you´re just a nerd looking for rc toys, get the package with the power axle and start freaking out. Mr. Beaver got now a skateboard with motor in beaver size now. #beaveringaround

BTW Hexbug is one oft he biggest supporters of Fast Fingers this year. Even if you don´t like products like this show some respect for Hexbug. They support our core fingerboarding scene!

THX for sending Earn!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


fbmold.com – now online!0

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How to produce your own fingerboard deck? The answer to this question could be only one until recently – take veneer, press, glue and work with your hands all day and night. Now anyone on the planet Earth, who was willing to make his own decks, is able to get his own fingerboard production!

Came out the first company in the fingerboard history that produces molds and fingerboard decks within the framework of top level turnkey production. This company names FBMold (www.fbmold.com). Firm is under the leadership of the founder of the largest online fingerboard store The ProFB Shop and father of Russian fingerboard industry – of Nick Uvarov. For more than 5 years Nick has been engaged in mold development and fingerboard production. Now, many manufacturers can free themselves from the hard work of production, engaging directly with the development of their companies and brands. Despite the fact that the firm is focused on the world market, the site provides a complete Russian version specifically for customers in Russia and the CIS.

Why cooperation with FBMold.com is more advantageous to self-production of fingerboards? FBMold is a professional team of fingerboards and manufacturers who understand all the nuances of design and production of fingerboard decks. “Fingerboard deck can be truly best only if its shape gives fingerboarder all what is needed. The right angle of tail and nose, shape and depth of concave, distance between trucks, contour – all these data is elaborated by FBMold real professional fingerboarders. We know every bit of complex work in fingerboard production: from the development stage to tiny aspects of final market launch.” – fbmold.com

Company is able to create ultra precise metal mold and produce top quality fingerboard decks from just $3 per deck, ensuring excellent quality and being responsible for every board produced.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-09 um 07.11.42

To find out more about FB Mold and send then your request you can at their official website http://www.fbmold.com. FBMold – precision, reliability and quality of fingerboard mold and deck production. Work with professionals will leave only positive emotions and pleasure of cooperation.

One of the most famous Russian bloggers, Egor Kashentsev, who also wrote this article, took an interview with Nick Uvarov regarding the project.

Egor: Hi Nick! Glad to hear you! Thank you for investing your time in that interview and giving everybody ability to know about your new last act. Many fingerboarders from all over the world set a similar question: «How to create a good fingerboard deck by yourself?» Guys suffer and spend too much time and effort, designing and creating at least one deck in a day. As a rule, the result does not cause the huge delight of the experimenter. Recently, the Internet has spread a word about another project under your guidance related directly to the global fingerboard industry. Tell me what kind of project is that, when the idea arose, and what prompted you to its creation and development?

Nick: Hi Egor!. You are right, there is such project. Nowadays there are a lot of manufacturers who offer their own fingerbords to us. Unfortunately, many of their products do not meet the level claimed by the company. Decks are produced in makeshift conditions, in the grip, with an uneven shape and etc. I have a debugged production of Smooth fingerboards with a usage of powerful equipment. I have already been producing decks for special orders for other brands, providing a complete turnkey production for them.

Egor: Honestly, I thing this is a great idea. This may facilitate the endless works of both young and already well-known companies. I would like to learn more about the project. What is it called and is there a link to it, where you can read about the innovation?

Nick: Not only facilitate the work of the company, but will also give a significant boost in development of fingerboard industry. The project is called corny – FB Mold, website is www.fbmold.com.

Egor: How long ago did you break the ice and who is behind that idea besides the execution of yourself? Tell us about your team in this case.

Nick: Years ago I used to create fingerboard deck on my own. Nobody knew about my first decks but I. Then Smooth fingerboards arose. With Smooth decks I passed a long way in cognition of the process of fingerboard production. That really there to say – it passed a year before someone knew about Smooth, a year of tests, purchase of equipment and development of that mold (I tried more than 15 types of mold).

Today I supervise the process of deck production and team works. The crew is mainly those who are responsible for the production and machinery. Not much people needed.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-09 um 07.15.12

Egor: Show a couple of the most visible advantages of working with FB Mold. Why cooperation with the newly-by is beneficial?

Nick: In fact, the company, as an organization is more than 5 years, the name of young. We guarantee the quality of each board produced by us, an affordable price and opportunities – from the production of blank decks to decks with wear-off graphics, 3D or lazer engraving. Production capacity at the moment is about 100 boards per day. Currently, I am producing boards for some companies from Europe and Russia. Of course, all the information is strictly confidential.

Egor: What about the further work with your customers? Do you offer any additional services besides mold and deck production?

Nick: Business development and brand concept is the only thing I offer along cooperation, as these are my professional skills.

Egor: I think we can finish our interview here. Thank you Nick for sharing such a valuable and interesting information. Good luck with your project!

Nick: You are welcome. And thank you for your interest in FBMold.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-09 um 07.19.10

Read more about FBMold and send them your requests directly from your gadgets at their official website www.fbmold.com


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