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I´m an Artist that likes challenges and this was my first project of this kind. The bike that inspired me was the Dr650 from Deus temple because of the yellow color characteristic of Suzuki.

My first bikes were in my early days of skateboarding and i always connected both with free moments. It was fun to ride my bike seated on my skateboard. During last winter i had time to develop this idea and decided to make a bike using skateboard decks.

I bought the Suzuki Dr650 from a farmer in the middle of Portugal and started designing the bike. First i used my Fingerboard decks to make a small model and to see if it could work, It was very easy to cut decks and simulate the different parts of the bike.

The Skateboard decks were made specific for this project with the grey dyed veneer to match the color scheme, i don´t like to destroy decks, i have a lot of respect for skateboarding so i used broken boards to make the templates. In the end i only used 3 skateboard decks to make all the components of the bike.

In the projects i get involved i always like to use yellow color and in this bike i wanted yellow but not much just in small details so i decided to anodize all bolts and nuts, when the box came with all bolts mixed it was really funny and challenging. I tried to make and prepare all components before building the puzzle.

The gas tank was from an old Maico it was restored inside out, and i hand painted in acrylic a Goat riding a skate because that’s how you feel when you ride it. The frame was cut in order to match the deck from the seat with the deck from the tail in the correct angles. The tail light was made with an old Independent truck base. In the front i adapted a radiator from a VW beetle and used an old rally Hella headlight. The front decks were shaped to fit the global look of the bike.

Overall the bike turned the way i visioned it, it was a good challenge and i had a blast doing it.


– Philippe De Goyri

More pictures over here: Click!


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