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Tony Hawk’s Slow Parking Job0

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JOYCULT in The Abandoned Mall0

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4. Advent!



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Product Blog: BerlinWood – Forest Split0

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Some weeks ago Timo Lieben put his headphones on and started a walk. He was listening to Wu-Tang for sure. Later on his walk he arrived at some bavarian forest and heard a really loud bsssss bsss bs sbsss bsssss. Timo was curious about that sound and walked into the deep black forest. There was just that bsssss bsss bs sbsss bsssss and a owl staring at him like “don´t go further my friend” . . . .

There was a tree. Not just a normal tree. Timo looked at it and in the treetop there was a beeyard. A huuuuuuge fucking beeyard. Timo just wanted to run away, but this one was some kind of magic. He looked on his Ipod and everything makes sense. Killa bees on a swarm! Timo was in total trance and went to the bottom of the tree. The bees recognized him as a friend and just let him watch. Some strong wind came up and the tree started shakin. A huge branch fall down on the ground. Timo decided to take this branch with him . . .

At the next day at the Berlinwood factore Timo looked at the branch the whole time. I think this was some kind of “Pinocchio-Effect”. Timo started to work on the branch. He worked 8 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours and fall assleep. At the next day he tought It was all a dream. He used to read Word Up magazine and dreamed about Salt’n’Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine. He started hangin’ pictures on his wall and was looking forward to his very Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl. Timo is a guy who let his tape rock ’til his tape pop.

He woke up and everything was finished. He created the Berlinwood Limited edition forest splitply decks:


And today we will look closer at one of them:

Berlinwood - Forest Split


Berlinwood - Forest Split


Berlinwood - Forest Split Berlinwood - Forest Split Berlinwood - Forest Split

Berlinwood - Forest Split Berlinwood - Forest Split Berlinwood - Forest Split


And one More:

Berlinwood - Forest Split

Three-hundred and sixty degrees of perfected styles. Like everything what Timo does. Great work, again! While doing fingerboardTV I´ve received a lot of different decks. And even some really awesome and handmade splitply decks. You won´t get a cleaner split somewhere. I can´t imagine how Timo could create something like this. I think even Timo can´t remember the progress. Maybe the bees cutted the wood!? Get one. REALLY try to get one!!! Only 15 decks per color!!! Blackriver-Ramps webshop: Click!

Btw are you interested in a huge part of the fingerboard history? Mastermind Timo Lieben was the first to manufacture professional wooden fingerboards the way skateboards are made. The Berlinwood website is online with a shit load of pictures and many facts behind Berlinwood. Make sure to check that out! CLICK CLICK CLICK!

THX a lot for the support Timo! :-*

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


Chazan Fingerboard Champ 20150

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REMINDER: Christmas Raffle0

December 19, 2015 by MartinB. | 7:28 am

Guess the trick and win a Planktoon fingerboard deck!

Guess or name the trick in this video:

and leave a (random) comment on the clip! One lucky person will win this deck:

PlankToon - Snake

Read more about the deck: Click!

DEADLINE 24.12.2015!


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