Product Blog: Planktoon – Rubber Bracelet

October 18, 2016 by MartinB. | 11:25 am

Several days ago I´ve received another package from Surabaya – Indonesia. And you guess right! You hear Surabaya and you know it must be a package from Planktoon. And thats right!

The package contains some of the new Planktoon goodies. Today I will show you the new Planktonn rubber bracelet/wristband at first:

Planktoon - Rubber Bracelet


Planktoon - Rubber Bracelet


Planktoon - Rubber Bracelet Planktoon - Rubber Bracelet Planktoon - Rubber Bracelet

Planktoon - Rubber Bracelet


And one more:

Planktoon - Rubber Bracelet

Show everyone you´re a fingerboarder. Planktoon got a really wide range of goodies. Go and buy a deck and something to wear.

Planktoon is really dedicated to the worldwide fingerboard scene. This brand sponsors nearly every contest everywhere. AND the stuff is SUPERB! I always enjoy getting a package from Planktoon :-) I really like the fact that Planktoon is one of the companies that not only produce decks or shirts with a simple logo on. I really appreciate companies whom put more effort in their clothing and accessoires lineup. And this new wristband is a good example for this. Simple and comfortable stay to take a trip.

You think about ordering something? Do it! Planktoon is a trusted source for great fingerboarding products. If you have a shop —> distribute them.

Please check out the Planktoon facebook page: Click! and the website: Click! and show some love.
Go and buy such a wristband (other colors available too) right over here: Click!

THX again for this awesome package, I really appreciate!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


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