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July 14, 2016 by MartinB. | 10:40 am

Some weeks ago I´ve received a message on the fingerboardTV instagram account. As I told you allready yesterday and the day before (Haha), that’s nothing new for me and I check the messages even on instagram on daily basis. I´ve received a message form Middfinger Fingerboarding. The message was written by Yuss. Yuss and Ardy work together on the brand Middfinger since 2009. They asked me to make a review of their latest creations and some goodies. So here we go! Today I got some nice goody for you. The Middfinger fingerboard gym bag:

Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag


Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag


Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag

Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag


And one more:

Middfinger - Fingerboard Bag

The Middfinger fingerboarding gym bags are available in three colors (black, navy and red). The composition of the bags is in every color the same. You got enough space for a full setups and some more stuff you need. Like an extra deck, your tools, a set of wheels, some money, your key, condoms or what the f*ck you want. You can carry this bag as little gym/sports bag with your fingers, clip it on your pant or take it as a badge holder around your neck.

These bags are made in Bandung (Indonesia) as well. A nice little gimmick to put your fingerboard in your bag, for example. I really like the fact that this bag looks like a miniature gym bag with the handle on the side. I didn´t know Middfinger before and this brand is a big surprise for me. There are tons of fingerboarding profiles on instagram and I really can´t believe I hadn´t checked Middfinger before. Great products!

The shipping from Indonesia was super fast. Overall it took 10 days from Bandung to Germany. Including all customs controls. Just get in contact with Yuss and Ardy right over here:

Instagram: @middfinger_fb
Facebook: Click!
and on Twitter: @middfingerfingerboarding

Just give`em a like!

BIG THX for this giant package! I really appreciate this! #middfingerweek

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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