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November 14, 2016 by MartinB. | 6:04 pm

Yeaah boiiiiiz and gurls of course! You may have seen that I have my own section at fingerboardTV now. That means I’ll drop some of my brain juice more often for you.

At the moment, the most recent thing is the new shape from Oak wheels. RV2V, yeah I know it sounds like a bad disease but this disease is actually even sexier than Gigi Hadid.

Oak Wheels - RV2V

The new shape is actually a modified version of the good old RV2 shape. Bill Gates said: “Never stop a running system” and he is totally right. The height and the material is completely the same. So what’s the deal?

Oak Wheels - RV2V

The RV2V has a conical shape, this will give your whole setup a more realistic look. Yeah I’m always about that, I like it when my fingerboard looks like a big one. When you sneak a peek into the skateboard scene and on the wheel brands, most of them have a conical shape. That is the connection. So, when you skate and fb and you are one of the cool kids you should get them while they are hot.

Oak Wheels - RV2V

I have been using them since the beginning of October, and have to say they are that last missing detail. When I compare my FB to my SB, there is almost no difference besides the size and some colors of course. Performance is off the hook! Good as always but I expected nothing else. So what’s the point? The running surface is a bit wider than on the RV2. You have a tiny bit more grip. You could almost say the RV2V have the same running surface as the pool shape but the same size as the RV2.

Oak Wheels - RV2V

That’s revolutionary guys, it is what Ricardo was talking about. So in my opinion, I can totally recommend them, get them while they are hot. Be a part of the Fingerboard community and support the scene!

– Onkel urban

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Oak Wheels - RV2V

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