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November 8, 2016 by MartinB. | 5:35 pm

Hey Folks, Onkel Urban back at it again with another review. Here we go!

A few years ago Peter, the owner of Prete, gave me this deck. Test it, he said, ride it he said and so I did. And here it is, the review about the legendary Prete boards.

Prete Fingerboard

To be honest I have no idea where to start because there is so much to talk about. Straight out of the packaging, the first look is always important and Peter definitely knows that. Well okay the packaging is easy and nothing special but the only thing that counts is the content. When you take the board of the packaging you will see the brilliance and perfection of those boards.

Prete Fingerboard

Every edge is smoother then the lips of every top model on this planet and the counter sinks are made from heaven. 5-plys of perfection. Peter takes his time for every board and you can definitely see that. You wont find any small wood splits or cracks. You won’t find any ruff edges, everything looks perfectly made straight from the first look.

Let’s talk about the shape later and focus on the design. Well, you would probably say : Yo there is almost no design why you make such a big deal out of it? In my opinion there is a reason for this minimalistic design. I guess the reason is to go back to nature, if you feel the bottom ply of the deck you will feel the grain and see the veins of the wood.

Prete Fingerboard

The wood is special, some sort of a root wood thing or smth I don’t know. Every board is unique every design is some sort of unique too. Stamp design or even printed? I don’t know. It’s minimalistic but I truly like that. Specially that he doesn’t lacquere his decks. Yes you hear right no lacquere. He uses some sort of oil or wax which hardness the wood and holy duck you will feel it. You will threw slides out of your hand like a yung wizard fire balls. It’s amazing!

Let’s talk about the shape.

Prete Fingerboard

Super krispy! Medium kicks and a smooth con cave give you a pop like a rabbit on mdma. And even if you ride the board for a longer time it will not let you down.

Prete Fingerboard

The shape is good, but not my thing. I like it low more likely flat but the shape of the Prete boards will satisfy 90% of you guys I’m pretty sure about that. I ride the board for couple of months and it still looks smexy and still pops like a new one.

So to bring it on point, Prete boards are the diamonds of the fingerboard scene. Well yeah they share the spot with Flint boards but yes they are perfection! If you want to purchase one check the instagram of Prete boards or the homepage!


– Onkel Urban

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