ASI Berlin Shop – Reopening 04.11.2017

September 30, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:30 pm

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

it´s been awhile since our last announcement and last Store Session.

The renovation is in full process and herewith I like to inform you what’s new and for what you can look forward to. We’ve big news, from now on this place is called ASI Berlin Shop! We’ll keep the tagline „former Blackriver Store Berlin“ for a while.

There is a lot to be looking forward to. We guarantee to still be the „Worlds FingerSkateboard Shop No1“. With huge facilities to fingerboard for the free use, consulting from professionals fingerboarders and open daily to the public (beside rest days). Our product range will be bigger than before and you can except the best fingerboard goods you can get.

Looking forward to exclusive collaborations with BerlinWood, Lunartik, Blackriver-Ramps, Flatface, FBS, OAK Wheels, BigBeudl, Planktoon and many more to add. All this will be available at our new webshop. So even when you can´t make it to Berlin we´ll be there for you!

On top of this there will be some surprises for you at our REOPENING 04.11.17 such as „what does PoP built?“ or „what´s the Luna-Land“? …

So stay tuned and safe the date to plan your trips and see you soon again in Berlin,

Timo “TKY” Kranz

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