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February 26, 2017 by MartinB. | 8:05 pm

California…knows how to party —> I´ve been to the US in 2015 for the Race Across America and, no hate to the other states, but I think Cali is my fav for sure. So I´m glad to tell you the the story about this letter….

Two weeks ago – yes, two weeks = shame on me – I allready received a letter from San Francisco, California. It´s not that often I´m getting a letter from the USA and this one was special for sure. The package contains two CATFISHBBQ decks! Ya heard right! Hype hype hype!!!!

Check out some really fresh catfish for your bbq:

Catfishbbq - Jungle


Catfishbbq - Jungle

Catfishbbq decks are available in two molds:

Freshwater Mold
-33mm x 97.25mm

Saltwater Mold
-33mm x 97.25mm

This deck was pressed in the saltwater mold. Within the next days I will show you the next deck straight out the freshwater mold and I will do a comparison for you.


Catfishbbq - Jungle Catfishbbq - Jungle Catfishbbq - Jungle

Catfishbbq - Jungle Catfishbbq - Jungle Catfishbbq - Jungle


And one more:

Catfishbbq - Jungle

This deck is not the kind of wood you will put in your fire on your next bbq! The jungle graphic deck is a realwear graphic deck. I really like the fact that the graphic consits of the bottom ply and the printed graphic. Each deck features a different bottom ply = you always got a really cool one of a kind colorway. This deck is exactly what you need for the venture of the concrete jungle. Catfishbbq decks are made with genuine skateboard heat transfer graphics to ensure the most realistic, consistent wear on the market.

Besides the artwork and the shape, this deck is a highlight just because of the workmanship. The shape and cut of the deck is something special, it fits perfect to the wooden/printed graphic and it got a wide nose like the mouth of a catfish. Good job!

At the moment there are a few decks left at the Catfishbbq store. You better be quick to get one of these of the actual stock! CLICK! Don´t forget there is a 10% coupon code till march on the website at the moment!!!

You should check out @catfishbbq on instagram! There are some really cool decks and always the latest stock announcements! @catfishbbq @catfishbbq @catfishbbq !!!!

The a lot for this letter and for these aweseome decks. I´m really sorry for the delay but I was and I´m busy at the moment. :-*

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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