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October 4, 2017 by MartinB. | 3:28 pm

You´re interested in handmade fingerboards from the USA? To concretize the origin, these decks are handmade in Illinois in the USA. And you´re maybe interested in graffiti too?! Well, in this case this could be the perfect brand for you = Chems fingerboards:

Chems - Logo Deck


Chems - Logo Deck

This is a 5ply decks with low concave and medium kicks. Size: 33x98mm


Chems - Logo Deck Chems - Logo Deck Chems - Logo Deck

Chems - Logo Deck Chems - Logo Deck Chems - Logo Deck


And one more:

Chems - Logo Deck

This deck is some solid workpiece. The shape is super fine with well-defined concave and great kicks. The whole shape makes sense and is pretty harmonious. The graphic elements are lasered on the top ply. The bottom ply got a nice, shiny and solid color. The graphic is like tattooed on the bottom ply and painted afterwards. I don´t know if this is a laser artwork or a freehand work. The graphic is made precise and fits well into the Chems kush and graffiti lineup.

Talking about extras, you can get a lot of extras for your fingerboard at Chems.

Chems - Logo Deck

There are different kinds of tape available for example. So get a set of tape with OG Kush/Peace/Lit/Waffle Sole/Tiger and more patterns directly at the Chems webshop.

Another extra you can get at the Chems webshop are the OG Kush bushings:

Chems - Logo Deck

These fingerboard bushings are made from strong and responsive material. These bushings are designed after real skateboard bushings and for riders who like to ride loose or medium loose trucks. Each set comes with 4 bushings and two top washers. These fit BRTs, UFTs, TDLBTs, Dynamics and Y Trucks. These are damn soft guys!

Go and check out Chems on

Instagram: @chemsgraff and @chemsfb
The Webshop:

This graphic is not available at the moment. At the webshop you got the chance to get a blank deck with a nice and shiny colored bottom ply:

THX a lot for this package. Another product blog about the Checms boardrack will follow soon.

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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