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December 21, 2017 by MartinB. | 3:01 pm

Last week I´ve received a package from Canada again. As most of you should know, Canada is the home country of our little friend and helper Mr. Beaver. But this post is not about this furry little friend, it´s about some of the finest wood from Canada.

Life sucks sometimes and life could be a really hard struggle. Why am I telling you this? Behind every fingerboard company there is a story. Sometimes the companies are started by kids who make decks to sell them on Instagram and sometimes you got companies with a long history.

In this product blog I will tell you something about Burt Tunstall and Five Luck Fingerboards from North Central Saskatchewan.

Five Luck Fingerboards

Burt is the owner of Five Luck Fingerboards from Canada and he was gentle enough to sent me two decks. But let’s have a look at Burt´s history at first. Burt sents me a very personal letter with his decks and this is something I really appreciate.

Burt started skateboarding in 1989 and fingerboarding in 1991. His first steps into fingerboarding were homemade fingerboards form paper, erasers and anything he could transform into a fingerboard. He made decks by taking small blocks of wood and shaping them by hand. That means wooden fingerboards without a mold or anything, everything by hand. In 98-99 he owned a skateshop in his hometown and became one of the first retail stores for Tech Deck in Canada. I remember the times when Tech Deck came out as well. Damn, we´re getting old.

In 2000 Burt was a professional skateboarder. After a serious slam his career comes to an end. The struggle of life just started for Burt. He got more and more into fingerboarding to get over his depression. This process took a couple of years and wasn´t easy but in 2007 Burt started to make decks with a bondo mold again. He was living in the bush of Canada without internet and stuff like this, just doing his fingerboarding stuff. He had no clue about our scene back then.

Finally in 2014 he decided to get better molds and produce even better fingerboards. After two more years of practice he decided to get some metal molds in 2016 and found Five Luck Fingerboards. This is a company with a strict level of honesty, integrity and the pure love for fingerboarding.

Around that time Burt lost his full time job, his house and most everything he owned. Over the last 2 years Burt has been homeless for three times but he continued creating decks regardless his own personal circumstances.

In these days Burt is living in the bush again. And that’s the place where he creates his fingerboards. He is living in a 285sq/ft cabin with now running water, primitive electricity and wood heat only. It´s getting damn cold in the Canadian winter folks!!!

Burt is doing his decks out of pure love for fingerboarding and really shows his love in his work. So let´s have a look at some love from Burt. This fingerboard deck is an exotic/maple splitply deck:

Five Luck Fingerboards


Five Luck Fingerboards

The shape is made in Burt´s FU mold. The deck is about 33mm wide with a medium concave and the plies are the colors of the German flag. The deck has been sanded into the squared shape.


Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards

Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards

Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards

Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards Five Luck Fingerboards


And one more:

Five Luck Fingerboards

A Five Luck deck comes in a small little paper box with a sheet of tape and some stickers. The shipping from Canada to Germany took only a few days. The craftsmanship on this deck is perfect. The splitply is straight and perfect. The holes are drilled perfect into the wood. Even with a magnifier you won´t find an unperfect edge on this fingerboard. The shape is up to date and really clean and the squared shape is something like “so hot right now”. The wood is clean and the lacquer damn shiny. This is a really great deck and you can see all the effort and progress Burt puts into his work.

You want to order a Five Luck Fingerboard? All prices on the website are in Canadian dollars, making these decks equivalent to around $19 USD only! This is really cheap for such a well done fingerboard! Check out the Five Luck:

Website: Click!
Instagram: @fiveluckfingerboards

Five Luck is a great fingerboard company from Canada again. I really like to see the Canadian scene growing more and more with such a positive vibe. There are great companies pushing the game forward. This is just great.

This product blog really needed this long intro. Never had such a nice letter in a package before and Burt is one of the true fingerboarders out there. We got a great fingerboarding scene sometimes and Burt just makes it better. Thanks a lot for this package!

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