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September 4, 2017 by MartinB. | 3:15 pm

As I told you in my last review about the Planktoon galaxy barrier, I´ve received a pack-age from Planktoon Fingerboards straight outta Indonesia.

Planktoon is a company which improves their product step by step. I´ve received the last trucks of trucks from Planktoon in 2012. Back in the days these trucks were better than Tech Deck trucks and tuned with screws and better bushings. Today I will show you the next chapter in Planktoon´s fingerboard trucks history. A giant step forward and some couple of years latter: professional trucks from Planktoon – THE TOP TRUCKS:

Planktoon - Top Trucks


Planktoon - Top Trucks


Planktoon - Top Trucks Planktoon - Top Trucks Planktoon - Top Trucks

Planktoon - Top Trucks Planktoon - Top Trucks Planktoon - Top Trucks


And one more:

Planktoon - Top Trucks

These trucks are the latest step in Planktoon´s truck history. A lot of fingerboarding evolution went down in the last couple years and these trucks combine all the features for a set of professional fingerboard trucks.

The trucks got a brand new and strong baseplate. The hanger got a single axle and the whole truck is equipped with locknuts. The hangar is 32mm wide and the axle is long enough to work with dual bearing wheels. For some sorts of single bearing wheels you need the classic extender.

The bushings are some kind of o-rings. They remember me on the old riptape bushings in medium soft. The whole truck turns really well and I think you could use a lot other bushings on these trucks. Just try it!

The hanger is covered with some solid black paint. This should be a hard coating and will last as on any other lacquered truck too. Much grinding = less color :-D

Overall this is a really good fingerboard truck. The screws are solid, the hanger is solid and the baseplate is solid + locknuts. Good job Planktoon.

As normal on professional trucks, these trucks are a bit more expensive than Tech Deck trucks. On the Planktoon website Top Trucks are available for 52$. As we all know, this is quite a normal price for a set of professional fingerboard trucks. Get them right here: Click!

THX a lot for this nice set of trucks!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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