Product Blog: Stacked Deck – Mona Bowl Buster

September 22, 2017 by MartinB. | 10:50 am

One and a half weeks later…

Some couple of days ago I did a product blog about the Stacked Decks Curb Sled deck (read it right over here). The Curb Sled was not the only deck in the package. It came together with a nice “Bowl Buster” deck with the Stacked “Mona” graphic. Check that bowl busting beast out:

Stacked - Mona


Stacked - Mona

Nose and tail are shaped in a special way:

Stacked - Mona

This shape is made for solid and nasty bowl shredding. You got some kind of a double kick board with some extra bowl feeling. The size of the deck is 34.5mm x 96.5mm –> ULTRAWIDE


Stacked - Mona Stacked - Mona Stacked - Mona

Stacked - Mona Stacked - Mona Stacked - Mona

Stacked - Mona Stacked - Mona


And one more:

Stacked - Mona

Stacked Decks is well known for their collabo series. Have you seen the latest one together with Bawse again!? There are three different shapes available: The “Curb Krusher” shape, the “Curb Sled Shape” and the “Bowl Buster” shape. The shape on these decks are very similar but unique. Nose and tail got a different shape and that makes your fingerboard even more fun to ride. These kind of shapes are more than modern in these days and this looks like the perfect deck to bomb some bowls.

The decks are all handmade in California aka the best part of the USA (for me). The plies are hand dyed maple and the graphics are heat transfer graphics. Everything done like on a real skateboard. The craftmanship of the whole deck is perfect. The rounded edges are sanded perfect and the whole shape symmetric. The quality of the heat transfer print is high as f*ck too. Just check out the pictures and take your own look at it.

There are only two decks left in stock at the website at the moment: Click!. All the stocks were sold out quick, so hop over to the webshop and browse around: Click! and make sure you follow @_stacked on instagram. It´s really worth it!

THX a lot for these two and unique fingerboard decks. Stacked is one of the companies you should have an eye on ;-)

All images are hosted on my Flickr: Click!

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