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February 21, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:34 pm

Hey guys and gurls, its ya boiii Onkel Urban back at it again with another review! I’m sure you’re all going to be in love with Coco and especially with „Cocoramps“ after this review. Yeah, today its all about the „Cocoramps“, a really unknown brand that should get more attention in my opinion.

What I’ve got here is a perfectly made bench with a symbiosis of minimalist design and high quality materials. The construction underneath is made from exotic wood and the white top thing is some sort of smooth mixture of plastic and concrete. Therefore, the material is super smooth and so are your grinds! The bench is 25cm long, 5,5cm wide and 5,3cm in height.

Coco Ramps - Bench

The bench is a basic obstacle and should be included in every fingerboard ramp collection. Most of the legendary spots in the history of skateboarding are benches so you know what I’m talking about.

Coco Ramps - Bench

In total, I can say that the bench is very well made and on a top level of craftsmanship. I have been shredding this thing for weeks and it’s still going strong.

Coco Ramps - Bench

I totally recommend you to grab one of these while they are hot! I know there will be another version of this bench sometime soon! (TBH, I already have one of them)

Coco Ramps - Bench

Atm, Cocoramps has no website, so the only way to purchase one of these badboys is through the Blackriver Store or via instagram (@cocorampsco), I guess.

Hope you enjoyed this review and thank you guys for reading!
Cheers guys,
Onkel Urban.

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