Urban Talks: Fingerboardstore.de – Matcha Bench

January 14, 2017 by MartinB. | 11:59 am

Hey Folks, Onkel Urban back at it again with another review.

Today im gonna talk about one of the legendary benches from the Fingerboardstore.de. At the end of last year Katha hit me up with one of the new colored “Matcha” benches.

Fingerboardstore.de - Matcha Bench

My first expression when I unboxed it, that thing is heavy.

Don´t get me wrong, the weight matters a lot because when you do a grind or slide and the obstacle moves or falls over, it´s a pain in the ass.

Fingerboardstore.de - Matcha Bench

The bench has a good size, around 4 cm height and around 24 cm long. The top material reminds me of marble or smth, it´s just super smooth and the color is brighter then sunshine.

Fingerboardstore.de - Matcha Bench

The edges are polished and the whole bench has a good finish. The construction under the top material is made of concrete of smth. In total, the bench does a good job and will last for a long time I guess. Its a bench, obviously, so it´s the perfect obstacle for any grind or slide trick. In my opinion everybody should have one of those. The size is perfect and it reminds me on the „Bänke of Berlin“ = a real know skatespot in the middle of Berlin. Imagine the tricks you do with your fingerboard on one of these benches –> next level shit and lots of fun!

Fingerboardstore.de - Matcha Bench

In total I totally recommend to grab one of these benches. As always is Katha pushing fingerboarding foward and especially with this obstacle. Go and check : www.fingerboardstore.de – the fastest shipping I know and always super krispy products!

Have a good one!

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