Product Blog: Blackriver-Trucks – The 34mm Affair

December 4, 2018 by MartinB. | 5:17 pm

After the release of the latest limited edition deck made by Berlinwood I was in contact with Timo Lieben. He told me that he will send me one of these decks soon. As I received the package, there was not only one Berlinwood deck in it, the package contained two Berlinwoods and one set of the new 34mm Blackriver-Trucks. Since Martin from Blackriver and me had some disagreements in the past and we stopped working together I was really surprised by these set of trucks.

Well, let´s talk about these trucks in general.

Blackriver-Trucks - 34mm

Hands down, Blackriver-Trucks are some of the best fingerboard trucks on the market. They perform great, look great and after a few bugs of the first generations they work perect. Don´t get me wrong, this is not my first set of Blackriver-Trucks and I never had issues with them, but I would consider me more as an advanced user and I know how to treat fingerboard stuff right.

So check them out:

Blackriver-Trucks - 34mm


Blackriver-Trucks - 34mm


Blackriver-Trucks - 34mm Blackriver-Trucks - 34mm Blackriver-Trucks - 34mm


And one more:

Blackriver-Trucks - 34mm

The BRR trucks pack contains:

– 1 pair of BRR trucks incl. special locking nuts
– 8 mounting screws
– 1 tool for easier installation

This edition is available in black, silver and gold. Three clean colors.

BUT, you´ve probably noticed that this product blog is called “The 34mm Affair”. You´re asking why? Well, since the trucks were released a few weeks ago a small shitstorm started. Why? These trucks aren´t 34mm they are actually 33mm. 1mm less and everybody screams…

Why? OK, if you order a set of fingerboard trucks in 34mm you want some trucks in 34mm. Thats a good reason to get angry. Maybe Blackriver should switch the name to 33mm and put new stickers on the packages. I don´t care. Think about that 34mm trucks are wider than the 33,3 mm Berlinwoods. Would you really use wider trucks than your deck? That looks horrible. Since Berlinwoods are available in 33,3mm I´ve waited for 33mm BRTs. Now the trucks fit perfect to some of the best fingerboards on this planet. Just because one hater posted the measurements on the web everybody is hating. I think our whole scene has bigger problems than that. Some of you guys should grow up.

So you have a 34mm deck and the trucks are to small for your battleship? Well, I´m using a 34/35mm deck made by Greasy at the moment. You could use big wheels like the Fatman wheels or just buy other trucks. YTrucks for example are wider than these. Thats a way you get the widest combo as possible. Or just buy these and shut up.

Don´t get me wrong, I´m not saying it´s OK to sell these 33mm as 34mm trucks, but for me it just doesn´t matter. I don´t give a fuck at all.

Just my two cents about this. I´m happy to have a set of these trucks. Thanks a lot Timo and Martin. You guys wanna buy a set? Get them right before christmas: Click!

All images are hosted on my Flickr: Click!

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