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April 21, 2018 by MartinB. | 12:10 pm

About two weeks ago I´ve received a letter from Simon. Simon is the owner of Cartwheels, a company based in the UK. In the past he sents me a set of his “normal” bearing wheels (read the review). Since then Simon improved the wheelgame a lot! Today we will have a look at the Cartwheels Cartcores in black:

Cartwheels - Cartcores Black


Cartwheels - Cartcores Black

The wheels are bigger than the old Cartwheels and bigger than YWheels for example. The size is more like the Fatman Winkler´s.


Cartwheels - Cartcores Black Cartwheels - Cartcores Black Cartwheels - Cartcores Black

Cartwheels - Cartcores Black Cartwheels - Cartcores Black Cartwheels - Cartcores Black

Cartwheels - Cartcores Black


And one more:

Cartwheels - Cartcores Black

In my opinion Simon should call these the Blackroll collabo edition. If you are into sports you will have a blackroll at home for sure and the black part of these wheels totally remind me to the Blackroll look. The wheels consist out of the black part, the cores and two bearings. Ya heard right, these wheels are dual bearing wheels. Perfect for my Ytrucks! If you like other trucks, the wheels are available as single bearing version too. The wheels are made of some really hard nylon stuff. If you ride urethane wheels normally, these wheels have a shit load of extra speed for your fingers. The cores in these wheels are white and green. There are a lot more color combos available on the website. Just take what you need. This colorway could be easily the Borussia Mönchengladbach colorway. Borussia is my hometown soccer club. If you are into soccer you will probably know club. I´ve used a set of the wheels for a few days now. The hard Nylon performs perfect on real streets and in your fingerboard park. Don´t worry about the word “hard” the wheels are smooth as fuck and roll like butter.

Why do I like these core wheels more than others? Well, there are other core wheels on the market. But most of the cores are just straight and the wheels look like the old Eurollt wheels. These cores have a realistic shape and let the wheels look like the old Ricta skate wheels.

These wheels are available NOW. Get them over here: Click! At the moment you will get some free stuff with every order. If you haven´t heard about Cartwheels up to now, you´re probably new to fingerboarding. If you´re interested in these wheels, just check out #cartwheels on Instagram. You will see a lot riders using these wheels! And if you´re once on Instagram, give Simon a follow: @cartwheelsfb – you won´t regret buying them!

THANKS a lot Simon! You support is appreciated man. I´m sorry the review took so long, but I wanted to test the wheels and I´m a dad now. The days are short!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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