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August 8, 2018 by MartinB. | 1:39 pm

Some weeks ago I´ve received a letter sent by Henry Baraoidan. Henry is the head behind the website Filifingers is a website from the Philippines that offers local products and distributes them worldwide. Such a product are Sulit Wheels. Sulits are made by Aliw Fingerboards and the owner of this brand is Jefrey Ramilo. Jef and Henry work together as a team. Jef produces stuff like Sulit Wheels and Henry distributes them.

So I´ve seen a lot of people riding Sulit wheels on Instagram for a while now. I was really interested into these wheels, because new wheels comapnies are rare and they looked good for urethane wheels. So I got in contact with Henry on Instagram and started chatting. Later on he sents me three different sets of Sulit wheels. After getting the package from german customs, I was really stoked about this. I really didn´t expect to get three sets of wheels.

Today we will take a look at the first set of wheels. The Sulit Wheels Party Pack:

Sulit Fingerboard Wheels - Party Pack


Sulit Fingerboard Wheels - Party Pack

The Party pack wheels have the V1 shape.


Sulit Fingerboard Wheels - Party Pack Sulit Fingerboard Wheels - Party Pack Sulit Fingerboard Wheels - Party Pack

Sulit Fingerboard Wheels - Party Pack


And one more:

Sulit Fingerboard Wheels - Party Pack

Why is this called Party Pack? Well this set of wheels consists of four different swirl wheels. So you get four different colors of swirls with every set of wheels you order. So this is a great reason calling these sets Party pack.

About the wheels: these wheels are made from 70D urethane and 100% handmade in the Philippines. Jef equipped every set of wheels with strong ABEC7 grade bearings. On @aliw_fingerboard on Instagram you could check out some of the steps in the evolution of Sulit Wheels up to every kind of wheels they offer now. There are not only Party Packs available. You can get swirls, debossed wheels, bowl wheels and a lot more. By the way, these single bearing wheels fit perfect on Blackriver-Trucks and roll round without wobbeling. The feeling is the same like on other 70D urethane wheels. I´m sorry tto say, but these wheels are not in stock at But you can get in contact with these guys directly on Instagram I think and just ask them. Probably they are looking for distributers?! Just write them a love letter.

So get in contact with Henry and Jef now:

Instagram Henry: @filifingers
Instagram Jef: @aliw_fingerboard

Thanks a lot Henry and Jef for the ice talk on Instagram and these good looking wheels. The other reviews will follow within the next few days. Keep up the good work. You´re doing a great job!

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