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June 12, 2018 by MartinB. | 9:42 am

Viva Las Vegas my friends! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas . . Well, not this time! Let´s say welcome to a really nice fingerboard deck from Las Vegas, AGAIN! Mike, the owner of Variant Decks, sents me some nice decks, so let´s check out some nice two tone wood:

Variant Decks - TwoTone


Variant Decks - TwoTone

This shape is an up to date medium shape with a width of really wide 33mm +


Variant Decks - TwoTone Variant Decks - TwoTone Variant Decks - TwoTone

Variant Decks - TwoTone Variant Decks - TwoTone


And one more:

Variant Decks - TwoTone

Variant Decks have a really nice and well done shape. Everything is medium and thats a fact I really like. On this one we have a nice two tone brown with brown bottom ply. This wood looks so highclass and shiny. Put some turquoise wheels on your trucks and this could be the MikeS. signature combo. Overall This deck is super. The shape is fine, the holes are drilled well and the color of the wood is strong and perfect. This is not my first Variant fingerboard deck and you could really see how much better the decks are now. Such a great progression on your decks, Mike!

Before Mike – the owner of Variant Decks – contacted me the ifrst time on instagram, I didn´t know about Variant decks and now this is the fourth time a Variant deck is on fingerboardTV. For me there was no fingerboarding brand connected to Las Vegas, so it´s great to see there are fingerboarders in this city of sin and the scene is progressing in the desert. Get in contact with Mike on instagram:


DM him for a deck. I don´t know about a stock at the moment so feel free to send him a message. Mike sent me one more deck, so there will be one more product blog coming soon.

THX a lot Mike for this great package with these nice woods.

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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