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April 1, 2018 by MartinB. | 3:10 pm

Happy easter everyone and welcome to the first day of April 2018! Today we wil take a closer look at the brand new X5 YTrucks. Finest 34mm fingerboard trucks in gunmetal/tiffany

YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal


YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal



YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal

YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal

YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal

And one more:

YTrucks - X4 Tiffany Gunmetal

The KEY FEATURES oft he new X5 trucks: Lightweight, extra resistent, AutoBlock V2, vitton bushings, low maintenance, advanced design and the trucks fits to all wheels.

Each set comes with:

– 2 Complete Trucks
– 4 AutoBlock V2 Nuts
– 8 Hexagonal Screws
– 1 Ykey II tool
– Ytrucks stickers

This is stage 5 of the YTrucks design. The new mold size is 34MM and it´s improved at the stress points from previous versions. Making the X5 the most advanced truck made to date. The stainless steel axle also has longer thread so you can use a larger variety of wheels without wobbles. These wider trucks have a lower center of gravity making your setup more stable on pop, grind and landing.

And it´s true. I´ve mounted a set of X5 trucks to my deck something about one year ago and I still feel the difference to smaller trucks. I never thought such two mm will give you something like a new fingerboard feeling. I really like how the trucks perform, grind and work and there was no problem to mount them to the deck. Really good trucks that work awesome! Never stepped back from the 34mm experience!

The quality of YTrucks is as perfect as most of you know. We got some legit, trusted and well known fingerboarding product right here, so you won´t regret buying a set of YTrucks. Take your Fingerboarding to next level and get such a set right over here: Click!

Big shoutout to Portugal! #34mmstillinlove

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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