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April 8, 2019 by MartinB. | 10:42 am

Los Angeles is on place #2 of the biggest cities in the US and at the moment I would say that California is the hotspot #1 in fingerboarding on this planet. I´ve been once to L.A. and this city is just crazy! As I told you guys more than once I liked this coast of the US more than the “other one”. No hate, I´m just a fan of sunshine and all these California girls.

Los Angeles Fingerboards are named like this, because this brand started in L.A.. @losangelesfingerboards got not only the attention of the scene because of the decks he made, he made some of the best replicas of skateboarding spots in fingerboard size. On the instagram site there is just more than fingerboard decks. You guys would be stupid not checking @losangelesfingerboards

Let´s have a look at some special fingerboard deck. Today will continue with the fourth deck of four. It´s a super limited spltply fingerboard graphic deck from LAFB called “Audrey”. Why so limited? Only 4 decks of these were made! Check out Audrey Little Shop Of Horrors:

Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant


Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant

This deck is made in the “beast mode” shape. Med/low kicks, Med/low concave and 33,3mm wide.


Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant

Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant

Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant


And one more:

Los Angeles Fingerboards - Plant

Talking about Audrey is very interesting. When I´ve seen the bottom ply for the very first time I thought this deck is a woodprint fingerboard deck. But wait, no! It´s not a woodprint! This is a splitply deck! Really a splitply? Probably not the most advanced graphic ever but one maybe THE BEST splitply you have ever seen. The grapic is like printed. This is really insane. Just check out the images and zoom in, you really won´t believe that this is a splitply fingerboard deck. Damn, this is a good job!

Let´s talk about the craftmansship of the last deck: And again PERFECT. Only one word, PERFECT. PERFECT. PERFECT!

Talking about the craftmansship, you need to talk about the sanding job on the edges. Every company has their own style of sanding edges. I´ve never seen a sanding job with this sort of round edges ever before. These edges are just smooth, clean and super round. Like on a realy skateboard. It seems like he is watching the curves of California girls while sanding. I had a lot fingerboard decks in my hands within my “fingerboarding career” but I´ve really seen such round edges on a fingerboard. I´m really stoked.

10/10 points for the craftmansship of a LAFB deck! Really good job!

LAFB offer 4 shapes. Thats the reason why I´ve recieved 4 decks. LAFB is more than just decks, it´s miniature art you can use.

How to order? Well, a few different sorts of decks are available on the website. There are a lot different graphic decks available at the moment. This graphic is in stock too: Click!

You´re interested in such an Audrey deck? Well, super limited means, only 4 decks of these are made. 3 decks are available on the LAFB website. These cost a little bit more: Click!

You guys and girls should really follow the instagram site to get the latest news about events, crazy replicas and the next stock. You really won´t regret!

THX a lot for these decks. I will keep an eye on you. I really can´t wait whats coming next.

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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