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April 14, 2021 by MartinB. | 11:05 am

When you think about Russia you think about the really cold winter, really good Vodka, beautiful girls and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

It seems like fingerboarding in Russia too and it´s getting bigger and bigger. You still see a lot of new videos on YouTube of people you haven´t seen before and on instagram are even more russian fingerboard brands. So hopefully there is a growing scene in Russia, not only because of Corona. Every time I check out the ProFB shop website I see a lot of great products made by brands from Russia. Too bad I don´t understand the language on so many russian fingerboard websites. But Russia got great products too.

The last few time swe talked about Darkwood was about their latest and superb wheels. With these wheels Darkwood made a huge step forward. Now we will take a look at a fingerboard deck made by Darkwood. A deck!? Ya heard right. Today we will take a look at some super classic wood:

Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone


Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone

This shape is a great lowshape. A1 mold / SQ Cruize shape / size 35x101mm.


Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone

Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone


And one more:

Darkwood Fingerboards - Two Tone

This deck is an exotic blank fingerboard deck. Just classic and timeless. The color of the wood is super strong and warm.

The craftmansship on this on is perfect. Clean countersinks and edges on the deck. The A1 mold is a SQ Cruize shape and the deck is about 35mm wide. It´s perfect low and nothing is warped. Good job!

Some decks are on sale at the Darkwood shop. You guys should get such a deck and some super nice 90th wheels. You won´t regret such a Darkwood setup!

Get in contact with Dwarkwood Fingerboards on:

Instagram: @darkwood.fingerboards
Webshop: Click!
YouTube: Click!
Facebook: Click!

and support the fingerboard scene in Russia. Even if you won´t buy a set of wheels like this at Darkwood, check out some pictures and clips on YouTube and Instagram and give some likes and write down some comments. Only an active community is a good community. Only this will let the international scene grow together

THX a lot for this deck! Much love to the fingerboarder in Russia!

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