Product Blog: Joycult – Classic 3.0 ZM 70D

January 12, 2021 by MartinB. | 9:09 am


Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D

Today we will take a trip to Canada. So far away from Germany? Jap, a virtual travel. Hello Brantford!

And if you hear Brantford combined with the word fingerboarding you might know really quick, today we will look at something from Joycult. The last time I had some Joycults in my hand was in 2017. Back then it was a set of Skyrocks. Today we have 2020, so there is a shit load of time between the last Joycult product blog and the prodcut blog I did in the past couple of weeks. Matt took many steps of evolution with Joycult and today we will look at some classic creation: The Classic 3.0 70D ZM:

Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D


Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D



Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D

Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D

And one more:

Joycult - Classic 3.0 ZM 70D

So what to tell you about these wheels?

3.0 is the third and final rendition of the 2017 line. Revamped and cleaned up for 2020. The shapes are to spec, beefier lock system and as always our classic F3 Formula.

THIS COLOR IS CRAZY! The shape is clean and sharp like a knife. Well done! a great further development for these wheels.

These wheels are 70D wheels with a single bearing inside. Durometer is a rating system for which hardness is determined. The higher the number, the harder the “thane” 70D is harder, a bit more responsive and designed for sliding more efficiently on rough terrain. 60D is the softer of the two, but, I wouldn’t call them soft by any means. They a are slightly more grippy and although they will perform well on rough surfaces too, these were designed with smooth surfaces in mind.

All Joycult wheels are packed in this a little Joycult bag. Looks dope and a little bit like a treasure.

Matt wrote me in the middle of the night a message on Instagram. He just send me a coupon code for his webshop and I could pick whatever I want. I just felt like a kid in a candy store. This was just mindblowing. The stock was on and it was really hard to decide between all these awesome wheels. The only thing he said at all was “You are WAY overdue Martin ❤️”. Man, juste freakin awesome. So I picked what I want.

At the end this letter took ages. After receiving the tracking number in august and watching the letter in the tracking flying to Germany, the german customs needed more than a month to check this package. Thanks for nothing german customs! It finally arrived at my placed something about two weeks ago. Finally!

Joycult wheels are handmade in Brantford Ontario Canada by Matt Watkinson. From face to bearing, duro to duro, Joycult wheels are designed to handle all terrains. The brand is here to contribute to the community by offering something unique and new to fingerboarders everywhere. The wheels themselves have a feel unlike any other. And with the added selection of durometer and premium colours, Joycult wheels are truly made for fingerboarders, by fingerboarders. Support Matt, support fingerboarding in Canada and support fingerboarding worldwide!

Instagram: @joycult

I´m really sorry to say, but at the moment the wheels in this colorway are totally sold out at the Joycult webstore. The next stock will be announced on Instagram for sure. Just look aroundin the webshop, a few others are in stock now.

THX a lot Matt! You´re awesome!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!

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