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November 21, 2014 by MartinB. | 7:13 am

Some time ago Berlinwood dropped some 33.3mm fingerboard decks to the fingerboard scene. Some new graphics are available NOW – right before christmas. Check out the the new BerlinwoodX The Steig X Füdder die Boa graphic:

Shape (Classic X 33,3mm):

Please note: you can get this deck with a lot of shapes:
Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-21 um 06.08.33
Choose the one you like!


Aaaand another one:

Solid and strong colors combined with Berlinwood craftmanship awesomeness und some great comicstyle graphic artwork. Good job!

Creating the first small wooden fingerboards, Timo Lieben from Berlin did great pioneerwork in 2002. He has provided the young fingerboard scene, which had been used to plastic boards up to that time, with the first usable wooden fingerboards. Until now Berlinwood is steadily in progress with its developments. Several generations of fingerboarders from all over the world appreciate and love Berlinwood fingerboards.

Berlinwood fingerboards are made of five wooden plies. Apart from being manufactured by professionals the fingerboards are “100% handmade in Germany“.

For the best possible performance the nose and tail of Berlinwood fingerboards have different lengths and angles like professional skateboards.

You want this graphic? Get it over here: Click! The new graphics are available as “Pro-Sets” too. GEt yourself something cool for christmas!

A really good source for everything about Berlinwood is the website: Click! and the facebook page: Click!

THX to Timo & Earn for this awesome deck. :-)

All images are hosted on my flickr!


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