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Northwoods Welcomes Jared Mentz!

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Product Blog: Joycult – Skyrocks 60D

February 6, 2017 by MartinB. | 6:27 pm

First of all: you should get a set of Joycult Wheels!

Some more days ago I´ve received a really surprising little package. A letter from Matt! Matt is the owner of Joycult Wheels from Canada. As some of you have seen at the unboxing on the livestream on the fingerboardTV instagram account, in the package there was a set of the brand new Joycult “Skyrocks”. Vecause of the super dope mega colorway, the Skyrocks are some kind of unofficial fingerboardTV edition ;-) Check them ooooouuuut:

Joycult - Skyrocks


Joycult - Skyrocks

Premium Joycult F2 urethane in blue/white combined to bring you the ORIGINAL swirl-thane fingerboard wheel.


Joycult - Skyrocks Joycult - Skyrocks Joycult - Skyrocks

Joycult - Skyrocks Joycult - Skyrocks Joycult - Skyrocks

Joycult - Skyrocks


One more:

Joycult - Skyrocks

“Joycult wheels are handmade in Brantford Ontario Canada by Matt Watkinson. From face to bearing, duro to duro, Joycult wheels are designed to handle all terrains. Durometer is a rating system for which hardness is determined. The higher the number, the harder the “thane”. 70D is harder, a bit more responsive and designed for sliding more efficiently on rough terrain. 60D is the softer of the two, but, I wouldn’t call them soft by any means. They a are slightly more grippy and although they will perform well on rough surfaces too, these were designed with smooth surfaces in mind. Joycult Urethane has been carefully formulated and perfected to create a truly unique feeling under your fingers.”

What could I tell you about the wheels? The wheels look perfect. You really feel the softness and they fit on YTrucks and even on Blackriver-Trucks without glue (single bearing). Joycult 60D´s are grippy and perform great on every surface. You should get a set!

You´re interested in Joycult for sure now, huh!? Check out the social media attack:

Instagram: @joycult
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joycultwheels
Website: http://www.joycultwheels.com/

I´m really sorry to say, at the moment the wheels are totally sold out at the Joycult webstore. The next stock will be announced on this site for sure. Just to make sure you really want to get such a dope set of wheels, watch this video:

Best fingerboard video of 2017!?

Joycult is here to contribute to the community by offering something unique and new to fingerboarders everywhere. The wheels themselves have a feel unlike any other. And with the added selection of durometer and premium colours, Joycult wheels are truly made for fingerboarders, by fingerboarders. Support Matt, support fingerboarding in Canada and support fingerboarding worldwide!

THX Matt! :-*

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!



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