ASI all results:0

September 20, 2009 by MartinB. | 7:20 pm

1 Elias Assmuth
2 Dimitri Schlotthauer
3 Daniel Zeise
4 Ramon Angelow
5 Harry
6 Schmidi
7 Thomas Hansen
8 Daniel Durku
9 Lucas Lipowec
10 Thomas Buchinger
11 Max von Nolting
12 Raphael Ridder
13 Jeldo Ulpts
14 Wille
15 Felix Lang
16 Göran Wisniewski
17 Jonas Maier
18 Nikolai Sachs
19 Katharina Schütz
20 Lukas Galos
21 Floh Kitzmüller
22 Enriko Winkler
23 Sheryl Ann Hartmann
24 David Wagner
25 Adrian Witzel
26 Vincent Heppner
27 Dsavid Baudach
28 Tim Teichert
29 Nico Frank
30 Nils Förster
31 Gene Senges
32 Marcel Butschke
33 Dario Eßer
34 Jorge Sanchez
35 Robin Müller
36 Oliver Ewest
37 Marc S.
38 Alex Karg
39 Julian Phlpp (?)
40 Oliver Blankenburg
41 Vital Demeyre
42 Pierre Schmidt
43 Jan Schwetz
44 Marlon George
45 Oskar Schoen
46 Michael Hoffmann
47 Max Obert
48 Monne Kampen
49 Christian Rohrer
50 Andi Stoner
51 Choi
52 Luis Koch
53 Nollie
54 Felix Wagenitz
55 Tim Schößler
56 Petrit Gashi
57 Markus Heinrich
58 Burgo
59 Thilo Reitel
60 Jan Rost
61 Philipp Müller
62 Jan-Ole Minners
63 Patrick Nicolei
64 Tim Tetzmann
65 Julian Mc Carty
66 Finn Rechenburg
67 Nico Gummelt
68 Frederic Seifert
69 Dominik Drechsel
70 Darvin Boris
71 Konstantin Schulze
72 Spyros Kalantiz
73 Patrick Seidokat
74 Luigi Christofaro
75 Marco Contreras



September 20, 2009 by MartinB. | 8:54 am

After the latest presented BRR-Edition wheels Substance got something new, the S1 oldschool deck:

Here are the first ASI results:

1. Elias Assmuth
2. Dimitri Schlothauer
3. . . .

Congratz, definitely a hard battle!



September 18, 2009 by MartinB. | 11:13 am


The Collection.0

September 15, 2009 by MartinB. | 5:25 pm

“Post your collection” is a popular topic. Overview of my collection:
And what´s everything in it? Let’s start:
1. M. Junker Pornstorm Deck by Berlinwood (really old) – 2. First promodel on Shortwood (first ever!) – 3./4./5. My C24 promodels – 6. C24 YT Board – 7. Some bottle of “spritt” I got from Tim aka THE CHEF Pütz – 8. Lowpro FingerboardLOVE Deck (3rd place Hit The Line) – 9. Tech Deck Oldschool – 10. The coolest Tech Deck ever – 11. Berlinwood NWDC Deck (Birthday gift from Flaki) – 12. Berlinwood NWDC engraved (Birthday gift from Flaki) – 13./14./15./16./17. Flaked Fingerboards (HOT!)- 18. Lowpro Deck with NWDC wheels (Fast Fingers 12) – 19. Lowpro Family Deck MB engraved – 20. NWDC Flaked – 21. Berlinwood – 22. Z-Shred extreme warped.
A couple of other decks and a lot of other stuff still flying around all over my apartment, possibly soon a bigger showcase? Here are a few more pictures:

I hope you´ve enjoyed this little look at my collection, only special boards will get in there.

Today I was @ Toys´R´Us and they have the TechDeck “Del Mar Pool” for 39,95€.
Harriers are in stock @ FBS as well and I think I need the small ong one and this wallie version.


Shen Benches0

September 14, 2009 by MartinB. | 2:57 pm

Go and check out some new and old products right here.


Week # 10

September 14, 2009 by MartinB. | 11:57 am

of fingerboardTV is now over. I am amazed that the fingerboardTV site is that well received, and even internationally too. The amount of page hits look solid and if it would go on like this, this would be a first success. Our first fixed reader is none other than Danjo! THX Dude!
Today I found this channel on the web: Click! So many decks as he has I´ve never had in my lifetime, but he gave me the idea to show my collection. It will be up tomorrow!


Oh Shit!0

September 13, 2009 by MartinB. | 7:54 am

This is what I call news:
Low Pro and FlatFace celebrate our first full year of partnership. Check out this unique engraved board. Andre is doing a really good job, and expect more lowpro’s on FlatFace somewhat soon Smiley

This Board looks more than amazing!

By now Flatface Brandon Robert signature wheels are available, more information on the Flatface site!



September 11, 2009 by MartinB. | 2:15 pm

Check out trick 1 & trick 2 on the G7 Plaza. More videos on the Plaza will follow if I got the time to make´em. Currently it looks more like I´m cruising threw the park the whole time and I´m not that motivated to shoot a longer video.

Let’s come to something different. Was it nostalgia or not nostalgia or whatever I have read my old Youtube Channel comments and found a comment that makes me some kind of “proud”:
THE original Harry (Harald Schön) has left me this comment 2 years ago!? WOW! Look at his standard of performance (!!!) today. Booyah! I think if I would search even more, I would still find one or two surprises. . .


+Blackriver-Ramps+ G7 Plaza0

September 10, 2009 by MartinB. | 2:04 pm

These days it is modern to make unboxing videos. I am not a huge fan of these videos, but if you get a G7 Plaza, you can “jump over your shadow”. So here’s the unboxing video I´ve said:
In cause of all people are hot on pictures, which I can understand very well, here comes the G7 Plaza in different views and in detail:

Full View:


The only sticker:
Up to now I haven´t found the right spot for more stickers, but I think the time will tell me the right spots. Nobody likes a park which is fully overloaded with stickers! Here we go:

The BikeRackRail
not only makes a good figure at this point
but it is already traveled through half the park. Overall, the park is really good & huge and I discover every time new spots I want to make tricks on. To realize the full potential, I think I need some more time, there are too many possibilities. You have to look at each corner and check it out to get all Never Been Dones been done. Fun fun fun!

Big THANK YOU to Earnie and the whole Blackriver team, not only for the park, but for everything else ;-)
Now I´ll take a cruise!


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