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Product Blog: Flatface – Blackriver Edition Wheels0

September 22, 2014 by MartinB. | 8:59 pm

And here we go again! Some more stuff straight outta my ASI Berlin gift bag. Some lovely Flatface Blackriver Edition wheels! Check´em out:



And another one:

FlatFace has teamed up with Blackriver to offer you a unique, specialized bearing wheel optimized for usage with Blackriver trucks. No need to use any glue or special techniques to install them, simply screw them on like any normal wheel and roll away super smooth on your new blackriver trucks. These wheels have a specially designed bearing system so that they will run smoother and faster on blackriver trucks than any average wheel on any average truck. You wont experience this smoothness anywhere else. Made with special high quality classic white material and steel bearings, these wheels are also designed with skaters in mind and has incorporated super tiny ridges into the riding surface exactly like a real skate wheel for a bit more grip. +blackriver-trucks+ not included. Not for use with any other trucks.

All FlatFace Wheels are made of special compounds and many of our colors have slightly different feelings for more variety!

Flatface products are made after years of development. A core brand with a lot of influence to the scene for the past few years. Pro fingerboarding at a really high level combined with a lot new ideas. That´s Flatface! So you won´t regret buying something from Flatface at all. Even if you don´t like this solid color —> there are more colors available over here: Click!

Show some love for some true fingerboarding core brand over at their facebook page: Click!

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!



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PLANKTOON SHORT FILM ( Planktoon Fingerboard )0

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Mind blowing monday0

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Mind blowing? CLICK!


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