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LateNight DIY Spot Session

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Laz Paz @ Fast Fingers 18


Test Drive

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Greasy Fingerboards Welcomes Jacob Reilly!

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Product Blog: Joycult – Frostie Glows

September 19, 2016 by MartinB. | 7:22 pm

Some more days ago I´ve received a package from Canada. In the package was a set of wheels and a handwritten message from Matt:

Joycult - Frostie Glows

Messages like this are the reason why I´m running this site. I really love to help out great people like Matt to promote their passion in fingerboarding and products like this. THX a lot for your words, Matt!

So Yeaaaaah! It´s Joycult time again. Fresh and new stuff straight outta Canada. Let´s have a look on some really tight new wheels:

Joycult - Frostie Glows


Joycult - Frostie Glows


Joycult - Frostie Glows Joycult - Frostie Glows Joycult - Frostie Glows

Joycult - Frostie GlowsJoycult - Frostie Glows Joycult - Frostie Glows

Joycult - Frostie Glows Joycult - Frostie Glows Joycult - Frostie Glows

Joycult - Frostie Glows Joycult - Frostie Glows


And one one:

Joycult - Frostie Glows

“Joycult wheels are handmade in Brantford, Ontario Canada by Matt Watkinson using only premium materials. From face, to bearing, Joycult wheels are designed for fingerboarders, by fingerboarders.”

What could I tell you about the wheels? The wheels look perfect. You really feel the softness and they fit on YTrucks and even on Blackriver-Trucks without glue (single bearing). The frostie glow color is semi-transparent and the wheels glow in the dark! You get a little cat sticker with every set of wheels for sure. #meow

The shipping from Canada to Germany only took 5 days. In my opinion this was really quick and they arrived well packed in my mailbox. The wheels cost 40 USD per set and you can choose between some more colors and even some harder or softer wheels. But to be honest: You really need to hurry up when the stock is online! One it´s posted it´s sold out really really quick! This brand is really new to the scene and just kicked ass in a really short time! After the golden ticket Matt is holding a video contest at the moment to push the scene forward. Check out the info:


WHAT is up everybody? Just want to take a second of your time to tell you about a little video part contest that we have going on!! All you have to do is film a videopart (Can be anywhere between 1 second and 5 hours long) the wInner of this contest gets an EPIC prizepack from Joycult. Video will be judged based on… uhhh… no criteria. Just be yourself and have a good ol’ time! Submissions are due Saturday October 15th. The video should be titled “_____cult” (just replace joy with whatever you want) and then email the link to titled VIDEOPART CONTEST! Good Luck Shredders! Looking forward to watching them already! #joycult #fingerboarding

Just have fun and take part!

You´re interested in Joycult for sure now, huh!? Check out the social media attack:

Instagram: @joycult

Joycult is here to contribute to the community by offering something unique and new to fingerboarders everywhere. The wheels themselves have a feel unlike any other. And with the added selection of durometer and premium colours, Joycult wheels are truly made for fingerboarders, by fingerboarders.

This is the fresh vibe our scene really needs! Support him, support fingerboarding in Canada and support fingerboarding worldwide!

THX Matt! :-*

All images are hosted on my flickr: Click!


Just Smile! It´s Monday!

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Chris Kraft @ Fast Fingers 18


1 fetziges video mit Raul und Valentin

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