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Reflection Eternal0

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Route 2011 Trailer1

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WTF??? Cant wait to see it!!!


Coral Flatface Promo0

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Finga fingerboards spot checkout with Petr Ptáček0

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Redemption – New Website0

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FBTV Interview – Stephan "Stöpsel" Jürgensen3

January 2, 2011 by MartinB. | 1:03 pm

Hello Stöpsel! Tell us about who you are, where you from and whats your daily business.

I go by the name of Stephan ,some people however lovingly call me „Stöpsel“ (with „ö“ like in Motörhead) So far i cleared 28 years and i live in Flensburg and i am the clerk at Germany’s uttermost northern recordstore.

How did you get in touch with fingerboarding?

I got in touch with FB the same way like every second fingerboarder: via skateboarding! Around the millenium i saw the first TechDecks in some skatemagazine and was completely stunned. The next day i went downtown to buy one myself but that was of no big succes at all. Things take a little longer to reach Flensburg. A few days later i was on a school trip to Hamburg and i navigated myself straight to the next skateshop were i immediately found a fingerboard. I was hooked from that day and i can’t imagine living without fingerboarding.

Whats your current setup?

Flaked 4 Ply , Blackriver Trucks, WinklerWheels Blackriver Edition black

What is your favorite trick?

fakie flip, flip – frontside boardslide, crookedgrind … ask me in two weeks and i bet you’ll get a different answer ;-)

Do you have any favorite rider or a video that influenced you?

Right now i will have to say Harry, Ramon, Jay, Martin B. and Gene . They all have styles for miles!
My „all time favorites“ are Martin Winkler and Thomas Hansen

Which fingerboard experience did you like the most (contest/jam/session)?

I really enjoyed every single event, no matter if it was a competition, jam or session.
If i would have to pick one i would say jams are the best, since everything is a little more relaxed. With time to really talk to people, fingerboard without pressure and most of all time to grab a beer or two.

And finally do you want to thank someone?

Thanks to Martin B. and Stegen for this interview and the incredible webpage.

Thanks to Flaki from Flaked Fingerboards for the support, the NWDC for the neverending party-action and thanks to the „Musikpalast“ in Flensburg.

Best wishes to :

Thomas H., the FLFB´s , Shorty and family, Alec, Eyk, Timo L., Gene, Mum, the one and only Stoner, NWDC, Timo K., Elias, Martin W., Andi, Elena, Jasper, Dennis, Anne, Boardstein Arne and everyone else who i should have named but were forgotten

And a special thank you to +Blackriver-Ramps+ , fingerboarding wouldn’t be the same without you! Thanks!!

THX Stöpsel! Now watch this video:


Some support0

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